Our New Routine

So recently my friend Colette has started this new diet. She plans on trying to lose at least 7 pounds by the end of the month. And she offered me to be sorta of like a trainer for her and of course I agreed. So one Friday me and her met up at my apartment to discuss how this routine was going to work out. Then we came across a question on how to keep her motivated about this routine. So then this genius idea came to mind. I always wanted to spank her sexy ass. So I said for every pound you don't lose you'll receive a certain amount of spanks. She was a little protestant at first, but Colette NEVER backs down from a challenge. So she took up on our deal.

Fast Forward a month later, she comes over to my apartment to discuss her final results. She seemed quite nervous to be here. So I knew I would be touching that ass today. So she pulled up the records, it turned out she ended up gaining 3 pounds! I don't know what happened but she had no excuse to avoid the spanking. She said "it's not fair! my family was over and they always cook the best steaks and you know it."
"too bad" I reply "It's spanking time!" I pull out the wooden chair from my table and put her over my knee as she struggles to position herself correctly. Colette may be a sore loser, but she always keep her end of the bargain.
"So, since you gained 3 pounds instead of losing 7, your going to get 1 spanking a week with 100 swats in each. For the reat of the month." I said squeezing her fat ass.
"What?! Your such a asshole!" she swore.
"Do you want extra for cussing?!"
"I-I mean your such a meanie!"And with that a spank her 25 times on each cheek over her jeans. Even in her pants, that ass jiggled delightfully.
"Ow! Ohh! Err! Ouchie!" She moaned and groaned with each slap. After that I pull down her jeans.
"Woah! Stop y-you can't do that!" she protested reaching for her jean. However I pinned her hands down and removed her jeans, relieving beautiful white panties and a pink bottom. I also noticed a dampness in her vaginal area.
"Oh so this is why you wanted to keep those jeans on!" I teased.
"N-NO! I'm not enjoying this for a damn second!" She cussed.
"Oh really, your pussy says otherwise." As I rub my hand around her sensitive area. At this point her face is as red as a tomato. But that didn't stop me from delivering the other 25 spanks on her sexy ass.
"OW! Uhh! Ohhh! Your so mean!" She kicked, wiggled and groaned to each smack. Her struggles and moans were really turning me on. Then it was time for my favorite part. I grab her panties and yank them down to her ankles.
"Please not on my b-bare ass! You got to be fucking me!" She said covering her pussy with her hands.
"Move your hands! Your getting so wet. you must be enjoying this." I say rubbing her bottom.
"Ooooh... STOP! I-I'm not... I'm not enjoying this!" She trembled holding in moans. I then spank her hard to force out her moans.
"Oh! Ow! Hmm!" She covers her mouth, muffling her noises as much as possible. After 25 smacks on each cheek, I stop and pull her off my lap and grab her by the hair. Then bend her over the bed. I then reach in my bag and grab my paddle.
"Alright here's your last 25." I say grazing the paddle over her red bottom. Her pussy was dripping wet.
"Y-your going ti hit me with that?! Oh! It's going to hurt so bad!" She said wobbling nervously." I then lay down the smacks.
"OWW! OHH! Ouchie! Uuuhh!" She jumped and moaned to each swat, not even bothering to cover her mouth this time. After the spanking we fucked all night. And I can't wait for next week.

2 months ago

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