Curiosity made the cat

When I was younger, I used to mow lawns on my block for money. It was a good way to get money without having to deliver papers or work fast food. One of my houses was a guy who lived alone and was always home when I did the lawn, and he had his own mower. Which I never thought was strange.
One day i went to his house, to mow the lawn, and knocked on the door . I noticed the window was open and saw him completely erect, and stroking himself. I had a ping of panic and embarrassment when he looked directly at me. I stepped away from the door, and went to his shed to get the mower.
I pulled the cord like 50 times before giving up and nervously went to his door.
The window was still open, but no sign of him as I knocked. " come in" he said, and i entered his den, and said that i was there to mow the grass but the mower wasn't working, as he came around the corner, still erect and naked.
He saw me look at it, and i must have blushed beet red.
He looked at his erection and then at me. Then smiled. I found myself looking at it again, he saw me and suggested sitting down for a minute as he touched the big dick and saw that i liked it. Ok. I said, and for the first time feeling my own excitement. He asked me if i liked it, and if i had ever been excited by a mans penis before. I said no, but there it was, and i definitely was now.

11 months ago

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    • I had similar, except I was a 16 year old boy and the person I always dealt with was the wife. I did this one rather large lawn every two weeks, it took about an hour, pretty big, I got paid $5 for that one, most of the other houses were just $2.
      One week the lady came to the door in a robe to pay me, her robe was hanging open and I could see her breast and nipple. I was terribly embarrassed, she looked at me, looked down at her breast and then smiled.
      "Do you like seeing me, Teddy?" She asked, I managed to stammer a yes.
      "Would you like to see both of them? She then asked, I gulped and nodded, so she opened her robe. I went home and whacked off like crazy, my very first naked breasts. She teased me like that for the entire Summer, sometimes she wore just her panties, usually the robe, a couple of times the robe without panties, she had a huge black bush.
      Now women that deliberately show themselves off are my biggest turn on, so much so that I have gotten my wife to flash a few guys "accidentally".
      I will never forget that one lady though, she had nice looking breasts that didn't sag at all, and I could see the scars where she had them enlarged.

    • I'm a female and this actually happened to me when I was 15. I had a paper route and was asked by this older gentleman who lived alone if I would be willing to mow his lawn. He had his own mower so I agreed. I mowed his lawn a couple of times and I would always knock on his door for him to pay me.
      One time I knocked on his door and he said to "come in". I thought this was odd. He offered me a cold soda and we sat and talked. I couldn't help but notice that his cockhead was sticking out of his shorts. It was very noticeable.
      I tried not to stare as I had only seen a cock in magazines, but he caught me.
      He asked me if I had ever seen a cock before. I told him that I didn't. He asked me if I would like to see it. I said "sure". He told me not to tell anyone as he stood up from the couch and unbuttoned his pants revealing a big, thick, cock.
      He asked me if I wanted to touch it. I told him that I hadn't done anything like that before. I hesitantly touched it and it felt warm and soft. He asked me if I would play with it and make him feel good as his wife use to. I stroked his cock for about 2 minutes when he let out that he was cumming. He shot out two or three good spurts all over his pants. He thankfully paid me and I left. I started to look forward to going to his house to "mow" to get to play with his cock after. He asked me if I could show my tits to him which he loved. A couple of times his daughter was at the house and I couldn't. The following summer his daughter moved into the house and that ended everything.

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