Young neighbor mows the grass

I work long hours at my construction job, so I have been paying for the yard to be mowed for the past couple years. Our neighbors son John graduated from high school and stayed home to attend the local community college, so he agreed to take on the job. He is well built, nice normal innocent acting young man.
Our house is a little secluded with a long driveway. We have a large area to mow, nice yard with my man cave out in the back.
My wife Cathy is 45 years old and quite the good looking lady, looks like she is in her late 20’s with all the exercising she does. Our sex life had slowed down over the years. She could still be a good fuck when she wanted to, but that wasn’t to often the past few years because of my work.
Last summer I came home and John was still at our house mowing the yard , at least I thought he was. Looking around I saw the mower back by my man cave. As I approached I could hear talking and laughing along with other verbal sounds. I looked in through the side window and saw my wife on the futon naked with John who was also in the nude.
I was shocked at what was happening, Cathy was sucking John’s cock that happened to be very big, much more than mine. I was amazed at how she was taking his cock into her mouth, more than anything she had ever done for me. I stood watching through the window as Cathy was giving him a blowjob to remember, the sex scene in front of me was starting to get me excited.
After about 10 minutes, I was thinking I should stop them but I just couldn’t, I continued watching the greatest live sex show I had ever seen. Cathy went from giving John oral to climbing on top and slipping his big hard cock into her pussy. She was fucking him like a sex goddess, ridding him deep with long strokes of his cock wrapped by her wet pussy.
I found my self stroking my cock as I watched. After a few moments my cock exploded, shooting cum like I hadn’t in years. What a orgasum, my legs were shaking, I could barely stand. I walked away as they continued to fuck away.
So this is the second summer of John mowing and fucking with my wife. I don’t mind at all, I like it because my spy camera gives me great views of Cathy and John having sex and I get to give myself explosive handjobs as I watch.
Cathy and I haven’t had sex with each other in over a year, we don’t talk about it,I know we are both happy with our choices, I can tell by the videos that she really loves having sex with John and he does make her feel good, treats her great.

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  • Thanks for sharing this...made me rock hard reading it. I would love to catch my wife cheating on me with another guy. Sounds like we're in the same boat. Our sex life has been non-existent and she's in incredible shape for her age. She's 58-years old but looks like she's in her early 40s. Tops. I see guys checking her out all the time and that really turns me on. Lucky you getting to watch it all on spy cam video!

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