Caught my wife checking out black guy

Last summer at the pool I caught my wife checking out this black guy. His trunk were wet and clinging to his body. You could see a long shaft pressing against the cloth. He was longer soft than I am hard and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. I feel so inadequate now. I asked her about it and her face turned red and she tried to deny seeing it. After some pressing she finally admitted that she saw it and that she liked what she saw. Now what do I do?

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  • Does she like black guys? She ever slept with a black guy?

  • What do you do?

    If you need to be told ... oh ... never mind.

  • To everyone I'm a good little mum/wife who's the innocent looking cute blonde. But in reality I've cheated on my husband with a big dicked black guy who was checking me out in a club.Admittedly I was drunk and ended up fucking him because he took me to his place and I sobered up during an intense pussy pounding but in the morning when we woke I let him stick his cock in me and fuck me again.

  • Use it to enhance your set with her. If she wants to go there she will find a way weatheryou want her to or not.

  • Did it turn you on? If it did just let her have some big black cock and enjoy the show. Who knows. You may even really like watching

  • You let her do whatever she wants! If she wants to fuck other men you ask if you can watch or eat her pussy before or after. Women wear the pants in the relationship. If your lucky she will sleep around on you and find the big dick she desires and let you know about it.

  • So you feel a bit inadequate EH ? little dick, can't stop them looking just like you with other girls, the trouble starts when either start taking it a lot further

  • It happeneds, she didn't go up to him and flirt and so she didn't do anything wrong.

  • Man the fuck up mate, you check out other girls tits or ass, she did the same. Stop being a pussy about it

  • Watch her enjoy a huge cock

  • You do nothing. You just carry on about your day.

  • Nothing. So what?

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