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Ok so I’ve never really read a post like this on here but my wife has a odd or it seems odd to me but I would like to know if other wife’s / moms out there have this desire too , so anyway my wife is 38 we have been married for 16 years , we have two boys a 14 and 12 year old , here recently I’ve noticed my wife flirting with and giving little peeks of herself to our sons friends , for instance we have a nice sized swimming pool in our back yard so it is popular with all the neighbor kids and my wife seems to be the center if attention for the neighborhood boys and she seems to really like the attention, she has started wearing some pretty revealing swimsuits when my sons have all their friends over , now to further this story a little bit back my wife is very petite only about 5’ tall with small b cup breasts and she has always dressed like a young girl , I never had thought anything about her liking to look and act so young until recently, our sons and their friends were all swimming and my wife had been out there with them most of the afternoon, I had been in the garage working and decided to take a break and went the kitchen to get a drink and as I was looking about the window there’s my sons and several friends passing the football around in the pool but in our hot tub sit my wife and in there was three of the other neighbor boys in the hot tub with her , one was sitting directly across from her while she sat in between the other two , there was lots of giggling and what appeared to be tickling and touching going on , I just watched for awhile not sure what to think , so I just let it ride and thought that I would start paying more attention to her actions around all these boys ! A couple more incidents her best friend has a son the same age as our younger son he’s 12 and we were all sitting around the pool our two boys and me my wife her friend and her husband and of course her friends son, I don’t know why but I noticed her friends son eyeing my wife and then I caught my wife giving him a little wink and sexy smile , then she adjusted her swim robe and I couldn’t from where I was sitting but from where her friends son was sitting I’m sure he was get quite a view of my wife’s crotch and maybe even her breasts , I stated trying to see if he was excited and yes it appeared he was hard in his swim trunks , he was doing his best to keep it hidden, there has been other times that I’ve noticed her exposing little bits of herself to young boys but I don’t believe she acts on any of this and I have never seen anything inappropriate with our own sons , but am wondering from other moms / wives is this something middle age women enjoy the thought of turning on young boys ?


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  • Well I'm not a female I'm a male and what you should do if your backyard is private stars hanging out nude by the pool you your wife and sons and there friends and see who wants to lick her out and fuck her son in clouded let them fuck their mother and have the suck you off as payment for coming over and your sons also.

  • Love that

  • Everyone likes to feel attractive and be wanted

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