Public masturbation

I love to masturbate in public with the risk of getting caught. Or masturbating in the homes of the people I work for. Recently, I masturbated in the hallway of a hotel, and not too long ago, I took a video of myself masturbating in a customer's driveway with my truck blocking the view from the street. I've masturbated on the roof of my customers' homes, on their back porches, in their bedrooms, kitchen tables, counter tops, living room sofas, piano tops, etc. I like taking the panties of the females who live in the homes, masturbating in them and putting them back in their drawers so they wear them around with my cum rubbing against their pussies all day. I take pictures with me wearing them first, and I like to take pictures of myself masturbating on their beds and personal spaces. I leave my cum absolutely everywhere...hundreds of homes, so many places of business, in parks, buses, trains, you name it.

3 months ago


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    • You might want to look up some info on hypersexual compulsivity. I'm not judging you, by any means, I used to have it, too.
      I used to work in the hvac business. It was a good job, and I had to resist acting out my compulsions to masturbate. One day I get a radio call from our dispatcher, a saucy little tart, who asked me to go to a nearby location to check on another worker. I asked why, and she called me on my cell phone. "He's on the roof of a bank building, and he's doing something that's not very nice. People in other buildings can see him ! " I assumed he was pissing or, maybe taken short and was shitting. So, I hurried over, and found the roof access ladder, and went up. He was standing behind the unit he was working on, pants to his ankles, jerking his cock, eyes closed, mouth open. I went back to the ladder, out of sight, and called his name. After a bit, he answered, and came out like nothing had happened. I made a lame excuse for being there and told him the dispatcher was trying to reach him on the radio. I went on my way, and the next morning he was gone, having been fired. Most of my co-workers had a good laugh, but, I felt bad for him. I wondered if he had what I had ?
      BTW, the dispatcher asked me how big his cock was. SMH.

    • Lol, that's a good story! I wonder what he told his next employer why he was fired from his last job?

      But no, it's not really a problem for me, like those who have hypersexual compulsivity issues. I can control my urges and it doesn't interfere with the rest of my life. It's just a fetish, like exhibitionism. We all masturbate, I just like doing it in places where it's risky, or where I think it's extremely kinky.

    • Wow I love cumming all over to !
      but I make sure no cameras are around
      It’s at least safer inside their bedroom
      The best is riding a bed post in my ass and cumming on their bed !!

    • Well, I'd say you're an idiot just begging to get caught and busted. Hotels have video cameras on every floor for security purposes. Also, nowadays a lot of people have impossible-to-see security cameras in their homes so they can keep an eye on things when they're away.

      Can you say "registered sex offender?"

    • It's easy to call someone names behind the safety of your screen, coward. What was the first line of my post? "I love to masturbate in public with the risk of getting caught...", the risk of getting caught being the operative phrase in that sentence, douche. It wouldn't be as fun if there weren't risks involved. But if you really think I don't check for cameras first, then I'd say that you're the idiot. So please, before you post replies on anyone else's comments, please think before you do so or continue to look like the illogical moron you are.

    • Your one very busy dude, keep up the good work

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