Young and interested

I was 14 was curious. Didn't know how to go about it. I knew I wanted to have sex /suck cock with a man. It was in the local park. Was riding my bike. Was resting on a picnic table this man was older came over started talking. After the small cock he told me this was a place for men to meet up. He asked me about being queer. Next he touched my croch. My cock moved. He asked if I wanted my dick sucked and had I done it before. I said no. He said lets go to the bathroom. I was excited said yes. In the bathroom he unzipped my hard cock. Played with it, it got harder to my surprise. He the unzipped his pant asked me to touch him. Wow this was all I had jacked off about. He was so big. My little cock 3 inches hard and his big cock but he said he liked mine. This was now getting so exciting. So much more to tell but I hate long stories. He had me stand on the toilet and put my cock in his mouth. Felt so wonderful. Well I was so turned on I shot my cum in about 1 minute. Damn. Ofcourse right away I felt wrong and guilty. He wanted me to suck him. I Was scared so he let me leave. He let me know he comes here in the mornings and would like to see me. I said ok and hurried home. Thought on the way home, not going to do that anymore. Well a week later I was back hoping to see him again. Realizing that was the best day and I wanted to suck him or anyone. I was 14 he was in his 40s. He didn't force or use being an adult to convince me. It was what I want. So glad I met him. I'll tell you more about my bisexuality . As long as at a young age you are trying to find your sexuality, nothing wrong meeting older guys. I was afraid to approach boys my age. ( I Myself never approach anyone under 18 ) I was Afraid of being called queer. I hope its different for young boys today.Tell more later.

11 months ago

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