I think something is wrong with me

Well it started in 6th or 5th grade at the lunch tables. I don't know how to topic came about But 1 of my friends Said "not to look up xvideos". And of course I searched it up. And my poor eyes just saw a shit ton of porn. That happen a few years ago. I'm in 8th grade moving to 9th grade. And sense that one day of looking up xvideos I've been Masturbating To porn. I've now moved to pornhub. And I can watch porn Masturbate to porn for hours or cum with in a few minutes. I'm only 14 and I can't stop it.

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  • I have a similar problem, as a 13 year old female

  • Pretty normal masturbation habits for a fourteen year old. Try this, though. Find some flasher porn, you know the ones of guys flashing their erections to unsuspecting ladies on a train, bus, street corner, etc. If your dick gets harder when you see the fear on the women's faces, something IS wrong with you, and you should check into some behavioral health.

  • I can cum 4 times watching a full length porn. I would prefer pussy, but I can't get any.

  • Well you better stop you silly little prick or you will never be able to satisfy a girl sexually

  • And how do I stop? Cause just saying stop isn't gonna help

  • Well maybe not for you, you clown

  • Awwww!!! I love the sound of you and I would love to be with you when you masturbate. I would dress in my schoolgirl outfit with my penis stiff in my silky white knickers, my little short pleated skirt and a little lacy bra under a very soft silky shirt. We could masturbate together, suck and kiss and have such loving fun.
    Signed Chiffon Sissy

  • You sound deliceous darling boy. Joeh81421@gmail.. i will help you out of that outfit...

  • Well I'm not gay but is there a way to connect you, no homo

  • Some adults have the same problem.

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