Nothing as cute as teen's wet crotches

Army buddy and I were joined by our young wives (both teens) during our training in TX.
Both girls were cute and sexy as hell!
One Saturday evening we found ourselves in a big city park. After some chatting and wine, we two couples moved off behind some trees and shrubs and fucked our wives. The torrid fucking was what these passes were all about! 2 horny G.I.'s and 2 horny girls - separated too much by the Army.
It was hard for the girl's not to make too much noise - but they did a little....and that made them laugh with embarrassment. Both girls were on the pill - so no condoms were used.
When we finished and the girls put their little cotton short-short back on we all 4 sat in a circle talking. The girls sat indian style. At some point I looked down at the crotch of my bud's cute wife's crotch and she had a 50cent sized wet spot right over her pussy hole. Her liquids and hubbie's had seeped into her shorts.
My wife suddenly poked me and said, "what are you looking at??!" and then she followed my eyes, and said, "Oh my goodness, Carol honey!! I look like that, too?!" And she looked down at her crotch - as we three did too - and Yep! Her crotch was wet, too!
She slammed her palm over her crotch - but too late. We'd all seen what her pussy was doing , too - leaking so sexily!
No way you could not see it in these thin very tight little cotton short-shorts!
My buddie got a good look at my wife's wet crotch as I kept staring between the legs of his cute blonde!
The girls were at first hugely embarrassed - then they started howling with laughter and were rolling all over the grass holding their sides - and giving themselves nice butt-cheek revealing wedgies in those tight shorts!
It was great - and soo innocently sexy from these 2 teenagers!
We guys loved every bit of it. Hell - now we're needing to fuck these young oh-so-tight pussies again. And we did - and not so very far apart this time. I know I could clearly hear those two's bodies fucking together wetly and some lovely, sexy girlish whimpers! I think the girls tried to outdo one another in their sexy grunts and sighs & coos - since they knew they now had an audience! My wife was unusually noisy! It was very sexy knowing that that deep male grunting over there was him unloading in that girl's sweet teen cunt.
It only happened this one time - but I've never forgotten how innocent and how sexy it was!

Mar 20

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    • Listening to two teens cooing and whimpering as they get fucked hard....SEXY!

    • That is very sexy!
      Two horny teenage girls - yummmm!

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