How a kink was born

I watched my cousin masturbate when she would visit and shower. I also found out that watching her shit made me much more excited. I started focusing more on the toilet and was treated to a nude sexy, 5'5 petite brunette Louisiana grown 13 year old girl having a rough time shitting. she is naked, massaging her stomach, breathing deep, grunting, until through the vent I was watching through, i hear a huge splash and several farts followed by a few smaller splashes and the look I later associated with a female orgasm. watching Stephanie wipe herself is when I realized I came for the third time in my boxers.

I've been obsessed with womens asses and watching them shit ever since.
I wish I had those early voyeur days recorded. but I am content with a few of her soiled panties, one very much so, and her shower bating sessions I managed to record. there was a maligned attempt of sex due to 16 year old hormones and alcohol. got each other worked up, fingered her well enough, I was so hard it condom...fuck! I knowing how she likes to get off, get her off as she was going to suck me, she stops, swears and body flushes as I thought she pissed on me... turns out she would only masturbate in the shower because she always soaked her bed....well I shoot all over her face, tits and stomach then we pass out in our separate beds. frustrated no pussy, but excellent experience anyway.

we are still close, and I still watch her and many other women regularly.

11 months ago

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    • Tell me more about her farts. I’d let her fart in my face and on my cock

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