Fantasy with the wife

I have had this fantasy involving my wife making fun of the size of my cock and telling me how she wants much bigger cocks. Now my cock is not really small, from the base it is 6 1/2 inches long and is pretty thick and I have never gotten the impression my wife thinks it’s small. I am not really sure how to bring this up to her or if I even should.

1 month ago


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    • I became a cuck for my wife about a year ago when I walked in on her fucking our married neighbor, Mike. Mike is in his early 50s and in terrific shape for his he's hung like a horse with at least 8-1/2" cut. My wife is 59 and I'm 63. Anyway, when I walked in on them they just looked at me and asked me if I wanted to watch and of course I said sure. I sat myself down in a chair, pulled my pants down around my ankles, and beat off until I shot a huge load all over the floor. I don't think I lasted five minutes, which of course my wife remarked on. "See what I mean, honey?" she said to Mike. "Poor thing doesn't have your stamina." Two weeks later she presents me with a plastic pink cock cage and told me I was to wear it from now on if I ever wanted to have sex with her again. It's got a lock on it and she gave Mike the key. No shit! Now he's in control of my orgasms. Mike is fucking her at least four times a week and he unlocks my cage for maybe one of those sessions. It's excruciating as hell. If I'm horny and want to cum when Mike's not around, I have to text him asking if he's home next door and may I please cum? If he's home and feels like being generous, he'll reply to my text telling me to strip naked and wait for him to ring the doorbell, then answer the door in the nude. Once inside, he tells me to walk into our kitchen where he unlocks my cage and tells me to beat off while he watches, talking filth about my wife the entire time. When I shoot my massive load all over the tile floor, he orders me down onto my elbows and knees and tells me to lick it up. Then he calls me a "fucking faggot" and leaves.

    • My wife makes fun of my cock all the time. But then I'm not as big as you. Only 5" cut. And that's on a good day LOL! Most times she won't even let me fuck her. Tells me to beat off my "pathetic little boy cock" while she parades around the house in the nude in front of me. Just today she made me beat off totally naked in our garage while she was working on re-finishing a piece of furniture we bought on Facebook Marketplace. It was awesome.

    • That's hot. 5 isn't small, I was choking myself on a nice 5 inches Friday night, a thick, sturdy 5 inches, it was amazing. I'm 6cut (7 when I was young lol) and thought for a long time I had a "tiny" dick because one of my sisters used to always tell me that shit and I had no self esteem. But once people started sucking it, gagging and choking themselves on it, I learned 7 inches, although not "big" is actually pretty big for the average throat, pussy, and ass. So no, 5 inches is nothing to gawk at, it's plenty for most people to thoroughly enjoy themselves. I loved swallowing that thick 5 inches Friday, I love 'em at 7, 8, 9, and bigger, too, but 5 inches is more than enough to satisfy.

    • Tell this to my wife! She's constantly comparing me to her high school boyfriend who took her virginity with his 8" thick cock.

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