BIO MOM & SON Intense Exacerbating Sexual Tension

Sub Title; CHEATING on my Dad her Husband A ND
Me 32 mom 49 as a young girl of 17. Dad was 33 my age now. Throughout their.marriage both have played around. Morality is not a cornerstone in my family. Both of my.sisters still unmarried are loose more or less sluts.
The last two years as I completed law school mom and I.have had long engaging conversations horny truck drivers may have paid to hear. We both spoke openly, candidly, mom about about her trust and lovers fucking around dad, fucking the black pool guy in the marriage bed, having him pull out and cum on her wedding ring. Who ever hears this from their.mother? Perhaps an alcoholic mentally ill mom, mom is neither.
While presently, I don't know the full extent of my mother's sexual promiscuity I am beginning to think it is the pages of one of those pulp porno fiction paperbacks sold on line or in XXX sleazy movie houses. Initially, I went through some psychological shit discovering my mom was a twin timing whore. Then if I'm being honest, I masturbated to my mom and still do on occasion, pretending a chick I was fucking was My mom was and still is a sexy foxx, she remains a hottie at near 50.
In reciprocity quid pro quo I told her about my sec lifd, my fantasies and my journeys into sordid and kink, always saying, come on baby tell momma what a bad boy you been.
One afternoon mommy I like calling her mommy these days.
I had already in former discussions told her of my, fantasies concerning her. Then, e a runway mode She entered the room wearing full slut lingerie bra, panties thong thigh high nylons. Bodily saying, what ya think does you mom look sexy? I lump in throat, yes, mommy you are so fucking hot! Then so weird, I said, can I eat mommy's pussy? She walked, pulled a bit of the thong aside pulling my face to her crotch, suck, lick finger mommy's "G" spot make mommy cum and squirt in your mouth, stroke your cock as you pleasure your mommy!
I even jacking off never came that hard or much, mommy shivered as her pussy dripped and her pelvis thrust as she was cumming. Then she bent down passionately kissing me, saying next week let's go to that bed and breakfast spend the weekend so my big handsome boy can really learn what his mommy loves to do.. The sexual tension? I have heard and read fucking your mother will be the most taboo and the hottest fuck of your life. I think that will be exactly right.

14 days
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    • I just snuck in my parents room while they were sleeping and put my fathers heavy dick in my mouth. It started getting hard in my mouth my Father started moaning saying my mothers name fucking my face when he opened his eyes snd saw it was me he exploded in my mouth I swallow his semen and got on top of him a rode his dick passionately kissing him watching my mother sleep next to us. Afterwards I make my father put his dick in my mothers mouth with my pussy and ass juices on his dick then he takes dick and fuck he pussy as he eats my pussy then he fucks me all while my mother sleeps her pills off Then my father and I showered of course we fucked in the shower then he laid in my bed with his cock in me.


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