Do you ever just stand in the shower and masturbate...

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  • Does a bear shit in the woods ?

  • Yes oh boy I enjoy a good time in shower dressed as school girl in pe kit

  • Yes

  • Ever get soap in your pee hole? Try it, you won't like it!

  • True dat

  • My wife masturbates in her shower. Then again she keeps a suction cup dildo in the shower for that very reason.

  • Do u have any pics of ur wife i have I some of my wife I will tarde hot one

  • I stand sometimes but most of the time I sit on the bench, my legs always go weak when I orgasm. I swear that the shower was built to my perfect size, I can put my left foot right into a soap shelf and my right into a corner. Massaging shower heads are the greatest invention ever made for bathing, I mean masturbating.

  • I love the hand shower, it makes me cum without me touching myself...

  • Yes and my wife will get ready for work naked so i have a visual

  • I do in the shower with the window blinds partial open. But mostly when the guys are mowing the lawn. They always stare but haven't approached me yet.

  • I usually sit on the floor in mine, I perch my phone up somewhere I have a good view, and play some porn. I find it quite relaxing, and so easy to clean up...

  • I used to at the gym all the time!

  • Yes, but the locker room attendant asked me to cut it out.

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