After putting all the tapes ( yes this was VHS period) i found a tape without any markings so i matched the titles with their boxes except for this one ,, My mother always felt that a woman was best to take care of a child so when my sister had her first child her husband Jack worked from home so he would take the mothers roll ... she always stopped by to see how jack was doing,,, I'm a stay at home mom so i understood how my mother took interest in the raising of the child . One day they needed a babysitter for the weekend because one of their college friend was getting married and my mother had a real state convention in Vegas and wasn't available so i volunteered to baby sit so i had the house in the suburbs all to myself with a pool and a full fridge .. (the kids are 2 and 4 now) that night after a full day of playing i gave them a bath then fed them put them in front of the tv and they could pick what movie they wanted after rummaging thru they found one and before you know they were out light a light i put them to bed .. after cleaning up i decided to see what the tape was... much to my surprise i saw a huge thick long cock pulling out a womans ass leaving with an extremely gaping hole and she would back into the cock taking it all in... I stopped the tape and decided to rewind it but i couldn't my mind off the huge cock so lowered the volume and started the tape and it was my sister breast feeding the baby and Jack saying that he's the one that should be sucking her tits not the baby ( she laughed ) after she finished breast feeding she reached and grabbed his cock and sucked the huge monster taking a fairly amount of length down her throat till he shot it down throat.. then video showed her on the table getting extremely pounded by jack while she held him all him and made him shoot the load in her pussy...( i was surprised that she had no discomfort taking the huge cock).. then the scene came on the cock pulling out of the ass and Cumming its huge load in the gaping ass as she rubbed her pussy and getting off on an orgasm and the scene ended .. but something caught my eye the red finger nails and rings on her fingers so i upped the volume a little and i could here her telling him " damm it get that fucking cock back in my ass ).. the next scene totally blew my mind there was my mother totally naked adjusting the camera then there was jack on the ottoman with a raging hard on she walked over to him and sucked his cock going all the way down to his balls several times then she gets on her knees' and tells him put that cock in my pussy and fuck me he gets the camera for close ups and enters her without any resistance slams it all the way i could hear the slapping of their bodies as she met him with every thrust she spreads her self to show the huge cock bottom out inside her pussy ... when he tells her he's going to cum she turns around grabs his cock and sucks it he grabs her head and fucks her mouth till he shoots his load in her mouth she strokes every last drop of it taking itt all without spilling a drop .. i need to get off she tells him she sits on the floor puts the camera in front of her then starts to rub her pussy going 4 fingers deep and sticking 2 fingers in her ass after she gets off jack comes over strokes his cock in front of her face she opens her mouth and swallows another load ... several other scenes with her on the tape getting fucked and using a huge dildo at the same time .... being a widow i never knew my mother to be sexually involved with anyone but how long has this been going on? i haven't said a word to anyone but now i know why she stops by the house very often ....she fucks more then i do and I'm married


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  • Why did you have to put a baby in this fake story. You fucking pedo.

  • Now that you know how big Jack is and that he has no problem fucking around, are in you interested in taking him on?

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