Stomach laughing fetish

So i’m a female(23) who has a kink for bellies which i know i’ve seen a lot of people on this site have.

Well i have kink for watching man’s stomach when he laughs. I think the movement of the stomach as he laughs is really hot and sexy, especially if he has a beer belly. I have fantasies to sit on top of a guy’s stomach and feel the movement of the stomach while he laughs. And just to put a little cherry on top of the ice cream
i also find it hot when the man’s laugh is deep.

My gosh i’m blushing of embarrassment😂, i always been very private about kinks and sexual fantasies, but this kink is the only one i’m comfortable enough to confess. Don’t judge pleeeaaase😅

3 months ago

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    • Too funny. I have a shared thing/fetish for my hot older sister's flat, tanned, sexy tummy and deep, oval innie navel. She loves to show off and wear revealing tops, crops, tied tanks, and basically what I ask or tell her to wear to exhibit her tummy and navel. When she laughs, her tummy and navel get tight and concave, which makes me touch and tickle it and her, so she laughs even more.

      We were visiting a friend's kid's apartment, and had to run back downstairs, in the elevator, just us. The building was hot as hell, so I told her to tie her tank top up to cool off. The elevator was delayed when we were inside, and I was making jokes and her laugh, then touching and swirling her bare tummy and navel, really having at her. She was hysterical laughing, and that sexy tummy and navel were so tight and concave it drove me crazy. By the time we did hit the main floor, I had her entire midsection as red as her nails, she was still
      laughing, and I couldn't help but do it to her again in the parking lot just to keep seeing it and her shirt go up further. We were having so much fun, we forgot why we went downstairs to begin with. Took us minutes to remember.

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