Touching drunk gay cousin

Im straight and I was visiting my gay cousin and we got really drunk and he passed out, I took some meth and got beyond horny wanted some cock and ass went to my cousin's room took off my clothes laid in bed with him took his shorts off, playing with his cock till it was hard and sucked his cock and licked his ass for hours until he started to wake up.
I laid there next to him, he asked me why I was in bed with him and why are we both naked? I told him the last thing I remember was helping you to your room and waking up cuddling with you. I wanted to keep sucking his cock but instead I said" let's just cuddle and watch a movie in the nude" he looked at me" I don't remember coming to bed but thanks for helping me get in bed" your welcome cousin! Just one question? Should we get some clothes on? Or just cuddle and watch a movie? With a sinister look he giggled" I'm hungover! Let's get snuggled up and cuddle with a good movie" and if you behave like a good boy "you can have some? Some what I asked? Here's a small clue" kissing my lips" I was even hornier thinking of what I was going to get!
I couldn't keep my hands to myself! I started playing with his long hair slowly moving my hands down his neck , caressing his shoulder and chest " mmmm that feels nice"
Rubbing his nipple in a circular motion I pull him in towards me, kissing his shoulder and neck.
" You know what your doing to me Right!" And just to let you know that I get the hangover hornies really bad! So you can stop while we watch the movie or you can give me an ass pounding from hell! And I don't just want my ass fucked I want you to pleasure all of me from head to toe and in-between my legs and ass! You decide! Without any hesitation I turned my cousin towards me"will watch the movie later! My lips and tongue are ready to give you pleasure from head to toe and baby get ready for the in-between.
My tongue slowly licking his neck as I leave little hickies down the chest and stomach I finally get what I was craving I licked her shaft up and down mmm I wrap my lips around her throbbing cock savoring it in my mouth I start going up and down sucking faster and harder mmmm tasting her delicious salty precum I sucked her cock till she blew her load in my mouth" delicious" I move my mouth to her shaved balls and enjoy the taste in my mouth i flip her over and spread her ass as I lick her ass kissing and sucking her sexy delicious hole tasting her warm ass juice as I shove my tongue in her ass! Gaping her hole with my tongue and fingers I lift her ass up in the air pouring lube on her hole I slowly enter her ass an inch at a time until I am balls deep in her ass I begin pounding harder and harder as she moans " Harder and faster go deep in my ass! Stretch the hell out of my ass " screaming with pleasure as I bang her ass harder and push my cock in as deep as I can get it , " baby oh baby that's your ass papi fuck me like you never fucked anyone else give it to me papi make me cum hard for you papi !! I'm going to cum baby! I yelled papi I want you to give me your milk papi please papi I want to drink every single drop mmmm papi I pull out and she turns and wraps her lips on my throbbing cock ready to blow my load as she bob's her head up and down and then I can't wait any longer and shoot the biggest load of cum in her mouth mmm mmmm papi slurping and sucking me as she swallows the massive load.mmmm papi I love the way your milk tastes papi we layed next to each other breathing hard and sweating we look at each other kiss" I'm glad you decided to give me your delicious meat papi you filled my ass with your Big delicious meat and you filled my stomach with your milk mmmmm ohh papi! Can we do it again tonight? Tonight? I'll be ready for another round in a bit so get ready baby papi is going to make you smile and have you walking funny

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