How I beileve i helped my son

Hello its Allison again I posted a couple years ago about my son's young teen years of puberty on here. I just wanted to follow up on how I tried to help my son from my previous post heres a link to it
I didnt expect the replies that I received and it felt very heart warming and good knowing that theres other people who feel similar and agreed on it being okay to relief your own son its encouraging and I felt like a great mother so thanks to every one not only did I get to be a great mother and help relief my son I also had alot of opportunitys to love my baby boy and feel his heart beat in my hands once again. remembering when my son was only a baby and I use to clean his uncircumcised penis every day made this feel okay and i know the only difference now is that he is just grown up and has different needs to continue maturing, so after posting the previous post i gathered my dirty laundry that my son had made and I put them neatly on his bed and i yelled for him to come in, he was pale when he walked into the room I asked him why does he have my clothes and why is it stained, he only replied with "I dont know" as he stuttered he was very uncomfortable and i realized I probably approached him in the wrong way but I asked him if he gets aroused when he masturbates to my clothes and nodded yes, and I said to him "okay thank you for being honest as you're mother I'm going to help relief you and for now on you will stop taking my clothing" and he nodded again. I walked off to get ready for him, yes he is my son so I'm not sure how I feel about wearing lingerie for him but I knew I had to be relatively dressed attractive to give him a hand job so I dressed up in a long ankle length flowly dress with a halter top style it's fairly modest but made with thin material so it gives good shape to my breast. It was easier done then said with on 20 seconds my hands were layed in precum and with in 30 seconds he finished quickly, he stretched out my dress to dry him self and said he enjoys that part, all and all it was for once easier done then said I have given him numerous of hand jobs and each time is no longer then a minute so it doesnt ever bother me to help my son out, thank you to every one once again that was my experience while reliving my son sexually

1 month ago

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