Wrestling naked...

When my grandparents retired from teaching in the Washington, DC area, they bought a 40 acre farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. It was a great place with horseback riding, fishing, skinny-dipping and canoeing in the river that flowed through the property. Every summer, there was a steady stream of aunt, uncles, cousins and my grandparents artsy-fartsy friends hanging out.

That summer when I was 13, right after school was out, my parents dropped me and my 15 year old cousin Brett off for two week stay Brett
and I were really close and we always had a ball at Gram's place

A few days after we got there, Brett and I had been down to the river for a swim, on the way back were started grab-assing around and wound up wrestling in the front yard. He was a little bigger than me, although I gave him a run for his money, he wound up pinning me as Grams cheered from the porch.

That evening, the four of us were sitting around the living room watching TV and talking. Grams told Papa about our wrestling match and mentioned to us that Papa had been a wrestling coach at the high school where he taught and had wrestled in college. Papa started to talk wrestling and Gram's got out a scrapbook from the desk. We looked thru the scrap book and Papa had tons of pictures from his wrestling days.

Papa told us to move the coffee table back out the way and show him our wrestling moves and we started moving the furniture out of the way. Brett and I had taken off our shirts and were just in underwear and we began to lock up. Papa stopped us and told us that was not the way to start. He showed us how one guy got down on all fours and his opponent knelt down behind him. Gram's said "GO" and we went to tussling. I did a lot better , but after a few minutes, Brett rolled me over on my stomach and laid spread eagle on my back, pinning me to the mat. Gram's counted him out, as he stood up and she raised his hand, it was clear he had gotten a bit of a boner during the match.

We all sat back down, hot and sweaty on the sofa and Papa mentioned to us that in ancient Greece men wrestled naked. Brett and I looked at each and stated laughing. Papa said that he and some guys in college had wrestled naked late at night after the wrestling room was closed. Papa said that we should give it a try it , and Brett and I nodded at each other and said OK.

We stood up and sheepishly dropped our shorts and got down on the mat, Gram's said she would referee and she'd wrestle the winner ! Brett and I both laughed loudly, but Papa told us to be careful, she's the only one that could beat him. Grams said " Go", now this time I was ready for Brett, I spun around to face him , grabbed him in a headlock and rolled him over flat on his back. Grams counted him out 1-2-3.

Grams warned me to get ready, and told me she could take me with no problem. , then to our surprise she slipped off her T-shirt and panties. Papa then spoke up and said he would wrestle Grams, while we took a break.

Papa stood up and dropped his shorts and started flexing and bowing up while showing off an impressive package. Papa and Grams were both athletic and in good shape I must admit. Now Papa took the position on the bottom, Brett was the referee and I just sat on the couch admiring Grams full breasts while covering my growing cock. Now it got crazy, Brett said "Go" and quickly Gram's jumped on Papa's back and wrapped her legs around his waist like she was in the rodeo. Papa collapsed on the floor playfully with with Grams still riding him. He cried out laughing for us to help. Both us piled on Grams and rolled her off Papa.

So there we all were , the four of us laughing and rolling around on top of each other butt naked. Papa rolled off to the side and Bret and I pinned Grams down until she cried uncle. Then the three of us just laid there trying to catch our breath while cuddling each other.. Brett and I both had young boners shamelessly on display.

Later that night when we were in bed, we could hear Papa and Grams in having another match in their bedroom , while we both jerked off together....


11 months ago

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    • I use to wrestle my son as a kid, as years passed we stopped he lost interest, until one rainy Sunday afternoon when we were bored, he suggested we do it again for exercise, we stripped to or underwear in front of each other i couldn't help but notice the large bulging in his boxers, i know men get an involuntary erection my husband use to, we started wrestling gently at first i soon realised how strong and powerful my son was his big strong hands gave me a sexual reaction as we wrestled i became very wet, i think he did it on purpose snapped my bra strap. he wouldn't let me get another one, my tits were rubbing against his body, i must i was really horny and wet i was having orgasms, next my pants were off he had snapped them, i was naked he wouldn't let get dresses i was protesting loudly about it being not right me being naked, so he took his boxers off i tried to run for the door but he grabbed me and with in seconds i was on my back with him on top of me he pushed my legs apart and fucked me i didn't realised how good incest was.
      we were both embarrassed after and we agreed it was a mistake never to happen again, on the second day he grabbed me in the kitchen and fucked on the table the same was my husband use to, great

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