Older woman with younger man

I was 55 years old and my girlfriend put me in touch with one her friends sons and he was only 23 years old but very good looking young man !
On our first date he picked me up at my house and brought me a dozen roses he even opened up the car door for me I was really surprised at his age and acting like a complete gentleman !
He took me out to a nice Italian restaurant just as we got to the restaurant as we walked into our table he pulled out my chair for me ! When the waitress came to our table she asked if we wanted anything to drink he ordered a bottle of red wine for us! We started to talk about different things! After dinner we went out to a nightclub and started to go onto the dance floor so after a little while I decided to make the first move so I kissed him on his mouth and he started kissing me back with a really intense kiss !
After a hour we went back to our table and have a few more drinks then we decided to head out and take me back to my house and then we got back to my house I invited him to to join me for a drink ! So he came inside with me and we had a few drinks and we started kissing again and I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into my bedroom and I started to remove his clothes he made him lay down on my bed and I started to put my hands on his legs and slowly started to move my hands up his legs until I had my hands on his cock and before for he knew it was sucking on his already hard cock !
As I was sucking on his cock he called me a milf and a damn good one at that and told me to keep doing that I’m doing !
So I kept going down on his hard cock I could taste his pre cumm inside of my mouth I started to get wet between my legs just from him telling me that I’m a damn good milf ! At that point he told me to get up and sit on his face while you keep sucking on my dick !
I maybe 55 years old but I know how to take care of my men!
So after him eating me out I decided to turn around and mouth his 11 inch fat cock ! It felt so good having a young hard cock going inside of me again!
With his cock inside of me I had 3 Orgasms in about 10 minutes that’s when I told him that I want him on top of me face to face so I can look him in his eyes as he’s fucking me good and hard !
I told him if he wants he can Cumm inside of me or he can Cumm in my mouth it doesn’t matter to me! So just as he was about to Cumm he kept going inside of me and let his load go inside of my pussy it felt like I was on fire with him cumming inside of me and I had another Orgasm at the same time ! And he is the first guy that I belt cumm inside me for the longest time ! I made sure that I made him Cumm me a few more times before he went down on again to clean up all of his Cumm and mine from between my legs and while he was doing that I had another Orgasm from him eating my Cumm filled pussy ! His the only man that gave me so many Orgasms in 1 night !
So we started to date for a few mouths before I decided to move on to a younger man! Of course we would have sex 3 maybe 4 times a week! But after a while I started to fell like I was his arm candy to show me off to his friends!
I’m very fit for my age of 55 years old ! I’m 5’9 “ tall brown hair green eyes nice real tits ! So I got tired of being his arm candy!
So now I’m looking for another man to replace the old man I was with ! Wish me luck finding another young stud that can handle my sex drive and keep it up for me !

1 month ago

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