I allowed mom to see it.

I have fantasized about having sex with my mother since I was younger. Started around the time I found a Mom and son book. Mom sees son naked. Mom is aroused. Mom, jerks, blows and fucks son. Now I masturbate thinking about my mother. I come up with the age old idea to let her see it. I lay in bed hard, with it sticking out of my underwear. She comes in and goes back out then comes in again. I'm like, oh shit, pretend your sleeping. After a minute, I turn over and she's starring at it with a lustful look. Later that evening, I watched her in the bathroom masturbating, she had an orgasm. I jerked off watching her. I'm 20 and my hormones were raging. Now that I'm older, I still think about sex with mom.

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  • PART 2
    PART 2/2
    We went to bed, closing our doors, me sleeping in the buff. I began wishing that I was my dad... fantasizing about my GORGEOUS mom. At least SHE would always love me, NO MATTER WHAT. My dick began to swell, but my bladder was calling. I didn't think anything much about just stepping out into and right across the hallway. But just as I did, HER door opened! Not much, as she caught herself, catching the sight of me, in the dim nightlight, cock hanging down in front, flopping! UGH! I heard her quietly gasp, ALMOST closing the door. But, as I turned to shut the bathroom door, I saw her still peeking at me. So, I made sure to give her a really GOOD look, for a long second or so, before seeing her close her door JUST TO, as they say.

    Next morning, over breakfast, she wasn't sure how to bring up such a delicate subject. It was not like her to talk about SEX. Finally, after a sip of coffee, she cleared her throat and said, YOU KNOW,... YOU SHOULD REALLY WEAR UNDERWEAR TO BED.. IT HELPS KEEP IT CLEANER. She meant AT VERY LEAST, since pajamas were her preference, for men. HOW DID YOU KNOW? I asked, not trying to tease, but trying to act innocent. She just smiled, informing me, AND YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, BELIEVE ME!
    I said, WHAT? She winked, I THINK THAT YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT (my name). She sighed, IF NOT, THEN I WILL JUST PUT IT THIS WAY.. YOUR HUNG LIKE A MAN. A REAL MAN. BETTER THA... she stopped herself. From that day forward, she never did look at me, in quite the same way. IF ya know what I mean?

  • My mom saw mine, right after I expressed worry over my size. I was only 18, but had broken up with 3 girls. One for cheating, The second for wanting to. The third one after finding out about her lust for her own dad. Mom told me that she was SURE that I was normal. I asked her how did she know! She blushed, WELL, I GUESS I DON'T, REALLY. Her blush reminded me of the time she saw me with a boner, at the swimming pool, when six years old. Long story, short, I was with her and my aunt in the ladies dressing/shower room.

    Anyway, I had just come home from my first month in college, for a visit, while dad was away on business and my sister off to cheerleader camp. Two things happened at college. First, some damned gal that had been showing her interest, ended up laughing at my penis. It wasn't even HARD, yet! My penis grows about 1000%, so looks small, when completely soft. Still! The other thing was that I had stopped wearing pajamas. In fact, when there was a short period that I didnt have a roommate, I slept nude, finding that I much preferred this.

    So, I was emotional about everything to do with girls and, besides, my dad was not a good listener and my mom very reserved, yet equally understanding. My dad was the only man she had ever been with, but her sisters had shown her a few pictures of other men, naked. You, know.. well hung. It was embarrassingly difficult to open up about my concern, but got the nerve up.. or the BALLS.. to just mention it.. that I was thinking maybe that it was because I wasnt large enough, down there. BESIDES, THAT ISN'T ALL THAT MAKES A MAN A MAN, she added, AND ANY GIRL WHO IS ONLY INTERESTED IN THAT IS NOT WORTH HAVING. That was that. Nothing more said. (see part 2)

  • She used to have a lot of sex. I still do. It's like getting your dick sucked and fucking a hot woman. Because its your mother, its more erotic.

  • I'm gonna get high with her. We smoked a few months ago. When shes wasted, I'm gonna ask her if she ever thought about me sexually. If she says no, I am going to remind her when she starred at it then masturbated. I'll see what she says nevt.

  • If I didnt see her in so many sexual acts, I might not think about sex with my mother. I saw her naked. I saw her riding a dick and cumming. I saw her give guys bjs.

  • That was a long time ago. I watched her ride a cock and cum while she was naked.

  • When I was nine, I saw my mum naked and being fucked by a neighbour while my dad was at work. It wasn't until I was thirteen that mum straddled me and gave me my first fuck. Now she often asks me to watch her from a cupboard when she's fucking someone she's picked up, and then to fuck her afterwards with the stranger's spunk still in her cunt.

  • How does your mother feel ? Ask her. If she's masturbating to the sight of your dick, she wants to fuck you.

  • I use to have sexual thoughts about my dad, its something every body goes through but you grow out of it

  • I think fucking your Mother is the biggest fantasy teens have. My son who is now 37 told me he thought about me when he masturbated as a teen. I said it's not too late to make it happen.

  • Pretty hot. Are you trying to go further with your mother?

  • Pretty hot

  • There are quite a few mother son comments in some of these posts tagged 'Mother', some are real sexual turnons.

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