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Hello I'm a single mother 36 years old and I have a 16 year old son, he bought me a very tight strapless maxi dress the other day it is completely backless and has a slit from my ankle to my waist. It seems a bit too much but it is a sexy dress which it makes me wonder if it's wrong in anyway to wear such a dress around the house for my son. It's just the parts that show skin that are concerning especially the slit it will show my underwear so I'm assuming I'm not supposed to wear any while wearing the dress, does any other mother have there son's surprise them with clothing if so how do you feel about it. My son also bought me a pair of high heels that are fairly high similar to exotice dancer heels I have worn them to the store a couple times so my son sees that I appreciate the things he gets me, I did notice he stared at my legs most of the time but that's it thank you let me know your opinions please

11 months ago

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    • My 14 year old son asked me what a thong was so I showed him one of mine! Doesn't look comfortable mum he said,what goes where? I decided to show him but I'd forgotten I hadn't shaved my bits! I went to my bedroom and put the thong on and called him in! He laughed and said it doesn't cover your pubes mum,I know,I haven't shaved down there! That's when I noticed the bulge in his tracksuit bottoms! He was so embarrassed,he's know 17 and every chance I get to see him naked I take! He's very big down there and I would love to get my hands on his dick

    • Wear brief panties.

    • I wore the dress my son bought me a couple weeks ago he told me I look amazing and started taking pictures of me threw out the day I enjoyed it, we had a good day and he asked if I really liked the dress, I told him it was breezy and comfy and he smiled and went on with his day. I feel like I have nothing to worry about

    • Yes it ok lol.

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