Married to a sissy boy

I'm a 23 year old woman, married to a 25 year old boy. After we got married, his dominance disappeared. He used to pin me down and fuck me hard. He used to use me however he wanted, and took me wherever he felt like. It didn't matter if i said no- he fucked me and he fucked me good.
Now days i have to ask him to eat me out, and i'm lucky if he says yes. He wants me to top him all the time, and has asked me to use a strap-on at one point. He's turned into a sissy boy, which is the one thing i never wanted to marry. I told him that i needed a real man in bed, and he said he understood.
I miss our rough sex and hardcore sexual relationship. I've thought about cheating on him, which goes against my morals, and i'm *this* close to proposing a divorce. This isn't what i signed up for. He tricked me, and i hate him for it. I won't forgive him.

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  • There are a lot of straight men who like anal stimulation. Of course there are a lot of sissies and gay men who like it as well.

    But it probably doesn't matter which category he falls in, given that he has given up on having sex with you, and that he has changed so dramatically. You should make him face facts and admit to you what he is and what he wants. Then get your divorce.

  • Tell him again that you need a real man who will satisfy you sexually and when he tells you he understands like before then explain to him that you are going to see other men and make him say that it is ok for you to do ,that way he knows what you are doing and agrees with it and you wont be cheating on him by doing it that way.Before you decide to divorce him ask yourself why do you want a divorce,,If you love him and you two are good in every department except in bed then stay married to the sissy and be happy but have a real man or two on speed dial who can come over and give you what you need in the bedroom and make him watch

  • Fuck another dude in front of him. You’ll both enjoy it

  • Get over it bitch

  • Fuck him in the ass. don't be a bitch. tell him you'll fuck him of he fucks you first. make him do it

  • Sorry to here that kaz dam

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