I really like her, but I am not the only one sleeping with her

For the last two months I have been seeing a very attractive divorced woman.
She is 28 years old, I am 26.
I see her once a week, we go out for a drink and sometimes a meal and then back to her place where I fuck her, usually a couple of times.
When we are out she seems very popular, seems to know quite a lot of people, especially guys who chat to her but seem to ignore me?
The trouble is that I don’t think my cock is the only one getting up her!
She insists that I only call round on a certain day of the week.
I made the mistake of calling on another day once, and although it was quite early in the evening, she opened the door in a dressing gown…. Her face was quite flushed and her hair was a bit disheveled.
She seemed embarrassed to be honest, and annoyed that I was there, saying she had a headache and I couldn’t come in.
I think that she had a guy in her bed!
Once after I had fucked her, she had gone to the toilet to empty my cum out of her ( she lets me spunk her) I opened the draw of the small table next to her side of the bed and found a packet of condoms??
I never said anything , but why would she have condoms when we don’t use them!
She seems quite happy with our arrangement, but I am falling for her… and would like to take it further.
The first time saw her before I asked her out was at a party.
That night I noticed that she disappeared into one of the bedrooms with a guy before coming out ten minutes later adjusting her dress… they had obviously been amorous in one way or the other.
Should I explain this… or am I going to get a shock regather previous/ current sex life.

2 months ago

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