Discovered I like wearing thongs

I’m an athletic and in shape straight guy, and recently on a whim I bought some thong underwear (to be clear I mean man thongs, not panties). I’m finding that I actually really like them. They’re light and comfortable and feel almost like going commando but with the support necessary for my package. Ladies, what would you think if your man started wearing thongs?

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  • Men should initially try off the shelf pantie and bra sets, there are heaps of sites on the net showing how to measure a male for lingerie, my wife and I have a great relationship with some lingerie shops and it is not embarrassing at all if I go in on my own to make my purchase.
    Lingerie feels and looks just so great and mostly will cover perfectly and be comfortable however if your not satisfied there are plenty of sites that offer specific lingerie made for males, I have ordered plenty (like the Sissy shops) I mainly purchase PVC wear and Maids outfits they are so sexy when I have my suspenders, stockings and heels on.
    Thongs sorry just don't like them male or female.

  • Why would men wear panties?

  • Try it Buddy it is just so fantastic the feeling the look and knowing you are being a little bit naughty

  • Do you wear them by choice or does your lady make you?

  • My choice however my wife really likes me wearing lingerie, we are starting to expand into further cross dressing with make up and wigs only for our own entertainment but we both love it.
    We have also been discussing her holding the keys while I am locked in a chastity cock cage could be a lot of fun

  • Why would you want to lose control over your cock? I get a bit of orgasm control but that seems excessive.

  • Gee why not paint your nails too....

  • Not the poster but I do it is fantastic, my wife sometimes paints my prick and balls real bright sexy hot pink with indelible ink she gives them time to dry and usually puts on three coats it can take up to three weeks to start to fade if she decides to let it wear down

  • Personally I don't even like women in thongs, I prefer the gift be wrapped for me to unwrap. To the op ,do what ever feels right for you.

  • A hot woman in a thong is gorgeous.

  • There are heaps of straight males that can and do wear off the shelf size women's panties and bra's my man really look's and feel's nice wearing them, we have two couples as our closest friends and both males wear panties all three have nice tight packages when slack but are around 6 to 6 1/2 inches and quite thick when hard

  • How could that be comfortable? Panties have no pouch for the male anatomy.

  • Womens thongs are so much more comfy than mens thongs

  • How is that possible?

  • I wouldn't want my guy wearing thongs (way too gay), but somehow the thought of seeing other guys in them is kinda hott.

  • What about it do you find hot?

  • Baby they should wear sexy female panties much better than male thong's for sure, a lot of straight guy's wear panties my man even put's on matching bras at home

  • Why do you think panties are better than man thongs?

  • My man can wear whatever he wants. I would be fine with it. In fact I would also be fine with him wearing ladies panties.

  • And a bra too?

  • Why would a man wear a bra?

  • I feel like panties would be really uncomfortable for a man.

  • I would probably divorce him. I'd be repulsed I think thongs on a man is hideous.

  • Assy hey. mmm, murkly and murddletum would like their hubbubs in some.

  • I second the gay comment.

  • What makes underwear gay?

  • You

  • Obviously men in thongs

  • But not all men who wear thongs are gay. Choice of underwear doesn’t mean sexuality.

  • Maybe not but they sure are dressing the role.

  • WHAT?? I am a gay man and I have never worn a thong.

  • My girlfriend likes me in thongs. If we as men get to look at women in skimpy lingerie why not give the ladies something to look at by wearing similarly revealing underwear?

  • I would say your gay, that’s what.

  • How does clothing mean sexuality?

  • I agree with post, i also recently have started wearing thongs, and absolutely love them. Wondering what wives think.

  • I would think he needed a giant kick in the nut's

  • For what?

  • Trying to look and feel like a girl he should wear sexy female panties instead

  • Do you prefer your man in panties?

  • But panties aren’t cut for a man’s body. Wouldn’t that not feel good on his package?

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