Wife proves me wrong

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. We still have sex pretty often given how long we have been married. Usually twice a week. Sometimes only once if it’s a hard week and we are just two wore out.

What I love about my wife is that she isn’t shy. She is a thick woman. Not fat and not skinny. Thick. Big firm 36dd breasts. Big round bubble butt. She loves showing off her tits. She is super proud of how good they look and shows everyone. When we are at home, she doesn’t wear a shirt. In the summer she will wear a thong when it’s just her and me. She will wear bootie shorts or boy short panties when we have company. If it’s winter she wears sweatpants rolled down to her hips. Shows off her ass and thighs nicely. She has a flowery tattoo going up her left side and just under her breast. It ends on her butt cheek. She has both her nipples pierced and her belly button pierced.

Around may this year we had a cookout. Nothing big. Just a few friends. We were out back by the pool. Rachel had on a micro bikini bottom and nothing else. I was smoking chicken and my buddy jordan and I were sitting having some beer. He saw my wife and said, “God damn dude. You’re wife is so fucking hot.” I said, “Hey babe. Jordan thinks you’re hot.” She said, “Why thank you sugar. You’re not so bad yourself.”

Rachel jumped in the pool and swam a couple laps. Then got out and sat down with us with a margarita. Jordan was staring. Rachel said, “See something you like?” Jordan said, Oh shit. Sorry. Can’t help it. Most women don’t show off what they have.” She said, “Most women aren’t confident of what they offer.” He said, “You pierced anywhere else?” She stood up and pulled her bikini bottom off revealing her pierced clithood.

She sat back down. She took a drink and then said, “Well…your turn.” He said, “My turn for what?” She said, “Do you have a big dick?” He said, “Average. Maybe a bit bigger.” She said, “Take your shorts off. I want to see it.” He looked over at me. She said, “What are you looking at him for? Take your shorts off and let me see your cock.”

He stood up and dropped his trunks. She said, “See. Now that’s nice. A show-er. Average huh? I haven’t had a cock like that in me in years.” I said, “Babe! Wtf?” She said, “I haven’t. You take care of me but you don’t have a big dick.” I said, “You couldn’t handle that.” She said, “We shall see.”

She got on her knees and started sucking his dick. She went all the way to his belly. No gagging. She even left lipstick on him. She stood up and turned around and sat down on Jordan’s cock. She started riding it reverse cowgirl. She moaned out, “Oh yeah. That’s so nice. I’ve missed having a long thick cock inside me.”

She fucked him for several minutes. She leaned back against him and fingered her clit as they had sex. She then looked over to me and said, “Come here. I still have plenty of places.” I stood and she sucked my dick while Jordan fucked her.

Since then she’s fucked him 5 times and she still wants more.

2 months ago


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    • You lying bastard, think of something better than your wife says you don't have a big dick stupid fuck.

    • I’d love to see how hot she is. Can ya send some poof her to me?

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