I actually enjoy it

I have gotten out the shower and my gf was gone for a while, she has just finished laundry but none was folded so I looked threw the clean laundry for some clothes to wear when I ran into her thongs and fish nets and this corset skirt that my gf owns I got turned on thinking of her in them so I began to masturbate to her clothes I stoped and layed the clothes flat so I can see them better and imagine my girlfriend wearing them as I masturbate, I got fairly horny and I was very curious how it felt like to wear her thong,fishnets and corset skirt so I figured it will be okay to try them on because curiosity isnt bad I feel like, and i put on the clothes and i wasnt sure about my feelings after words, I felt good wearing the fish nets and the corset skirt gave my waist a good shape and formed my butt nicely I felt very sexy and feminine but I soon got horny from wearing my gfs clothing I had a strong feeling to masturbate but I soon ran to my gfs closet and tried on a couple of her tight dresses and I felt so feminine and good I wanted to walk around in her clothes but I didn't want any one to see me. My favorite out fit was her fishnets with a jean skirt and one of her tops I wore her nude heels as well it felt very nice i took a picture because i felt like i looked very sexy from behind if any one wants to see the picture let me know

11 months ago

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