I arrived rom Mexico at 23 without a penny, now I'm rich

Me llamo Carlos. I came to America when I was 23 and worked at a hotel in maintenance. It was an expensive hotel and learned that men would pay for company, so I went back over late at night, entering the property through the back and the man would let me in. I earned more money from sleeping with men than I made from my salary.

One man told me that he lived in Arizona and he could help me get a job there. There was lots of men who came down during the winter and all of them would enjoy a nice looking tanned man from Mexico. I could make a lot of money there.

After a few months I had a young friend join me and I got 15% percent of what he charged. It was on the honor system. He was the type that old men liked and they are the ones that tip the most. Between my 15% and what I got paid I was making more than most people with college degrees.

Of course I was careful, condoms, and I inspected the package. My friend did also, we never caught anything. We were careful, and that mattered to the gentlemen we got together with. In five years I had eight boys working for me, and I was covering two resorts in Arizona. I heard that there was a lot of money to made in Florida, but the Cubans control the business so I stayed out of Florida and concentrated on Arizona and New Mexico.

In ten years after I arrived I owned a condo without a mortgage and I drove a nice BMW. Being the boss I selected the men I went with. I want a man, not a woman with balls.

I was young and I made a mistake of trying to get into the business in Las Vegas, but the mafia there hurt me and I lost a lot of money. Better to stay where it is our place than try to get into someone else's business.

I am forty five now, with 22 years in the country. The best year financially was 2020, men were trapped and they were lonely. We had weekend deals, all week deals. Some men liked having a boy to sweep and make breakfast, other's liked boys that worked out and looked like the boys in the magazines. My goal was to please the customer.

I have a boyfriend, a man I met by accident ten years ago. He is Anglo and I have to put up with his need to let people know he is gay. I'm his boy, he has a lot of money. I suck his dick and do what I'm told. For me that's the best relationship, it's like a woman with a man, in the end the woman wants a man that's assertive and dominant.

Jul 13
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    • Poor in English but good bottom, indeed!!

    • You have awfully good English, grammar and punctuation for a poor kid from Mexico.

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