My wife let me down, what should I do

I had heard rumours that a local youth had been seen coming of my house when I was at work.
I confronted my wife about this and she said I was talking rubbish. So I left it at that.
A couple of days later I was in a bar when some guys started sniggering and looking at me.
I asked why and they said it was my wife I should talk to!
Again I confronted about this and she finally agreed that the youth who is 17 .. she is 46 did come round for a talk.
But said she was like a mother to him and nothing happened!
But I didn’t believe her and I kept pressing her until she said that he had kissed her but that was it!
I was really annoyed and then we had a argument and under pressure she finally admitted that they had sex because she was lonely.
She said he had fucked her a couple of times and one of his mates had also called round but she had only allowed him to fondle her breasts!
Bu she said it was over now.
I don’t know what to do.
I am shocked and still love her, should I leave her?

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  • If you have a large male dog tie up your wife in a bent over position with her ass up in the air. Smear peanut butter all over her vagina and down into it some then sit back and watch the fun. My dog missed her pussy on probably the sixth time plunging into her and filled her ass, he came so much that her feet were covered with his cum. I used our ottoman to secure her to, worked perfect for his height and he screwed her for probably half an hour before he was finally tired of it. I had told her that if she wanted to be forgiven she would have to let the dog screw her but afterwards she ended up just leaving.

  • You are fucked up

  • My wife took the neighbor boy's virginity just as she did mine over 30 years ago. I love her so much and am happy that she made the young man's day. He will remember his first time with her just as I remember mine.

  • Did this turn you on

  • Ask her if she still wants to be with you. Go for counselling. If you love her, make it work. If she says she doesn't love you, leave her. If she says she was lonely, then you need to sort out your time and show her some fucking attention. It doesn't take much to fuck a 17 year old. They are all desperately looking for cougars and milfs etc..... not the end of the world if she made a mistake. If you love her and she loves you, work it out.

  • Yes! Now is the time to kick that sick bitch out the door! She is an immature bitch to have sex with a 17 year old kid! Do it now so you can get more out of the divorce, because she did that sick shit she will lose big time!
    It may be legal but it is sick for a 46 year old to have sex with a 17 year old! She will cheat on you again so kick her sick ass out the door while you can!

  • What puzzles me, is why fool around with another teenager

  • Because she is a sick fuck!

  • But I love her

  • Then get her to a therapist and go from there!

  • No, find out why she feels so lonely.

  • But cannot get over the fact that she she did it with someone so young

  • Hmmm, let me think. You wouldn't be tempted by some young thing offering you sex? You have every right to feel betrayed, but maybe you can at least find out why it happened. Why is she lonely? Maybe she'd be cool with you banging others, who knows. It can't hurt to investigate. You can always leave her after that.

  • He might be tempted, but he is smart enough not touch that at all. Can you hear what he say's! Or is your dick the only brain you have!

  • She has form with younger boys when she was in her twenties

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