My childhood molesting story that at the time enjoyed

I'm a male in his 30's with a confession when I was about 6yo I was groomed by a family member I won't say which one because its no ones business he use to have me join him in the bathroom when visiting their home in there he groomed me into playing sword with him with our penises made it into a game this went on for more then one day over time it turned into him picking me up and sucking me then me rubbing him and stuff like that at the time I knew it was wrong but something about it always made it feel good for me and I ended up liking it to the point that I always ended up going with him as he went upstairs to see if it would lead into that which most of the time it did as the years went on it continued with different sexual fun at least until I hit my mid teens then I finally told him I wanted to stop for I was getting more into girls then, he behaved and stopped I'm not gonna go into more details of what we did because I'm not trying to make this a hot sex story for the pedos on here I'm just putting my confession out there and seeing what people have to say about it if your going to put your own confession on here please don't be fake for mine is not fake it was a real experience that happen to me as a child that at the time I liked but now that I'm older realized how messed up it was then but sadly we can't take back our pasted.

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    • They all love it. That's what they tell me anyway. Actually they don't say much of anything since they're gagged but I can read it in their eyes!

    • Awwwww

    • Well I hope you take the gag out long enough to use their throats!

    • I was groomed at the AYSO. I still can't believe my parents didn't know. I swear to God, I think any kid who played organized sports was molested and now secretly sucks cock.

    • I was molested then raped at a young age. I was 11 years old at the time. He was my uncle that was living with us. My mother and father both worked so when they were gone he took advantage of me. Started in the bathtub. He would make me stand up and he would play with my little cock and balls all soapy he had me turn around and he used his fingers to wash my bottom. After a while he would get in the bathtub with me and make me wash his cock. He would get so hard I didn't know what I was doing. I got so scared the first time I seen him cum from me rubbing on him. He told me what a good boy I was. That this was are special time together. Before long I was sucking his cock. He would reach behind me and finger my ass. I was 13 when he first started to really rape me. Almost every day. Sometimes twice a day. I know that it's crazy but I was looking forward to seeing my mother and father leaving for work just so I could be with him. I never told anyone about this. He died when I was 17years old. I'm in 60s now. Been married for over forty years. I know what he did to me was wrong. I've been bisexual all my life my wife found out about me being bi long before we got married. Thank God she was understanding and open with it. I can't say that I'm sorry that it happened. I have enjoyed having sex with guys over the years. One thing I can say is that I never touched a child and never will.

    • Heterosexuals breed by having natural sex. Homosexuals perpetuate their species by wounding children.

    • Yeah yeah boo hoo what's yer fuckin point. We do what we do. Now give us yer kids!

    • The point is you need a lead injection in your head.

    • My head gives you a cum injection in your mouth!

    • Unless he's older than twelve, you mean, in which case it would be kinda gross, right?

    • Yours and that reply below are pure awesomeness!
      Children have gone through what you wrote and when they grow up they realize they where molested and loved it. And they are so ok with it. Over a quarter to them masturbate thinking about it. The rest of them have severe orgasms from it. Some have married their predators!

      Most presidents claim to be molested when they where children.

      The laws on abuse have changed to allow adult victims marry their predators with no statue of limitations. Thats how great that is to children.
      Child molestation is so fantastic their predators should get a medal when making sweet love.

    • When I was 9 my brother sat bed to me on my bed naked and started talking about sex .I didn't know anything about sex or hirls,,hadn't even seen a naked girl yet. He started talking to me about sucking cock ,,explaining what it was ,,how good it felt when someone sucks a guys cock ,and how to suck cock. We talked a bit more ,I dont remember what about ,I do know he didn't ask or tell me to do it but I slid between his legs and took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it until he came in my mouth. It excited me so much,,I loved sucking his cock,,I loved how it tasted and felt in my mouth ,,I loved how it made me feel doing it but what I liked most was making him cum and how good his cum tastes. My big brother didnt make me gay so I guess I was born that way and just didn't realize it until he woke me up that night.

    • You are so stupid it is pathetic. You can't come up with something true to say. How sad that is.

    • You wrote it!

    • Yours and that reply below are pure bull shit!
      Children have gone through what you wrote but when they grow up they realize they where molested and raped. And they are not ok with it. Over a quarter to them commit suicide. The rest of them have severe PTSD from it. Some have murdered their predators!

      Most rapists claim to be molested when they where children.

      The laws on abuse have changed to allow adult victims prosecute their predators with no statue of limitations. Thats how bad that is to children.
      Child molestation is so bad their predators should get the death penalty when caught.

    • My older cousin groomed me too. When I was about 5 and he was a teenager he would bounce me on his lap and play with me. He would put his hand between my legs and rub me. It felt so good and I had no idea what we were doing was wrong. He told me it was our little secret that we would always share. When I was 8 he taught me how suck his dick. When I was 11 or 12 he started fingering me and made me do it to myself while i sucked him off. Every time he came to visit (I lived with my grandparents, mom and dad ran off when I was little) I knew to not wear panties and plan on spending lots of time alone with him. When I turned 13 he taught me how to kiss and we started making out and doing everything else. At 14 he raped me. I didn't know anything about consent or statutory rape so I thought this was all just what cousins did. That's what he told me and I believed him. It hurt a lot the first time but after the first couple of times I really started to like it.

      A few years later in high school I finally realized what had happened. The bad thing was I didn't want to stop. I had boyfriends and stuff but I had pretty much been brainwashed by my cousin. It took a lot of self control and therapy to tell him one day when I was 17 that I didn't think we should do it anymore and I wanted him to stop.

      I'm 22 now and every time I see him at family gatherings I get wet. I've resisted the temptation to ask him to do anything to me again, but it is hard. I've thought about telling the rest of my family but I'm so ashamed. I know he has loads of videos and pictures of me and him having sex where I'm totally into it. So I don't know if anything would even happen to him. I don't know if I even want anything to happen to him. What I really want is one more night with him, but I know if I do that it'll never be just one more night. I'll just keep going back for more. Just like I did when I was a little girl bouncing on his knee.

    • The videos and pictures would help you get him busted. Children can't give consent period. It is not uncommon for children who where molested to think it was fun at the time. Their molesters make it seem like fun so the child keeps their mouth shut. Then when they grow and realize they where molested to be traumatized and suffer PTSD from it.

    • Oh they loved it

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