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I have been hesitant to post anything here , I believe most of it is made up. So people like myself who have an actual confession are either ignored or bypassed for something more juicy. My confession while hot to me isn't a huge deal compared to what I have read here. My husband and I were on vacation and when he was in town with our child , I went sunbathing on the beach. Two of the guys who worked at the resort , first started applying suntan lotion on me then groped me in broad daylight. I didn't resist I allowed it until I came and made my bikini bottoms wet.

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  • Poor hubby

  • This reminds me of a holiday years ago.I was 21 and single and on holiday with my family.We were in Spain.I loved having massages from this cute guy that I fancied at the hotel spa.Each time I got more turned on and a bit more courageous.So I just started laying on the table ,on my front nude.He asked if I was ok with that I said yes.Then gradually as he massaged me he rubbed me in certain places.I couldn't take much more so turned over and pulled him onto me.He made amazing love to me and we fucked on the floor.For the rest of the holiday we had sex maybe 3/4 times a day.Obviously when I went home I knew id never see him again.

  • Omg see that's very romantic. The guys I was dealing with didn't make love to me. But still I had a good time.

  • I'm sure they would've given the chance.

  • Ty for saying that

  • How old are you if you don't mind me asking?I was 21 at the time and couldn't help myself plus the guy was cute n hot.

  • I'm 27 and the guys who were with me were cute too , I have thought about what may have happened if it was more private and not in plain sight.

  • Would you have been inclined to do anything if you had privacy?How far would you go?Do you still have those thoughts now when you're around other men?

  • The truth is the reason that I posted this in the first place is because I think about it all day and night . I would have let them do anything at the time. I completely forgot there was people near by. I was completely relaxed. I do often have thoughts of other men , sometimes I dream that the guy's are two of my husband's friends. Other times I dream that they are my boss and his boss. So yes I definitely think I would have gone further , they're the ones who stopped when I started shaking and cumming.

  • Love to talk to you more. My email address is arlundfletcher6@gmail.com hope to hear from you soon. I find your confession post very sexy

  • You haven't replied yet I sent you a message

  • Don't waste your time waiting Arlund you sound like a perv

  • When I was on spring break one year I went with a group of friends to the beach and we forgot to buy sunscreen. One of the guys told us not to worry he would go and get some for us and when he returned he jokingly said that he gets to apply it on us. I was laying out already with my bikini on and told him to start applying it, he smiled really big and came right to me. I told him to undo the back of my top and then I slipped it off and he did my backside first from feet to shoulders, I told him I would be ready for the front side in about thirty minutes. He ended up doing all of us and when I thought it was time to flip over I kept my top off and told him I was ready and laid there while he spread it all over me. It was so erotic to be touched right there on the beach in front of everyone, all the other women decided to go topless as well and he had a hard on by the time he finished all of us. I was really turned on from it.

  • I think you hiding your inner slut. You should let guys screw you.

  • I don't think so but thanks anyway.

  • Made up!!!

  • My wife wears a see through when wet bottom bikini and goes topless, after coming out of the water she asks any guy nearby to put on suntan lotion they always get the greatest horns, now and again if she thinks they are nice and cute she will ask them back to our room for a fuck, she loves it, I like knowing

  • They both groped you? Fuck... did they squeeze your tits, finger you? What made you cum? Hot story.

  • Yes their hands were all over , they were playing with me between the legs as well.

  • Awesome, glad you enjoyed it so much. My wife and I were at a resort and I was down at the pool hanging around waiting for her when this woman asked me to put tanning oil on her. The only thing she had on was a thong bikini and I am pretty sure it could have passed as an eye patch.

  • That's very sexy!! I've done the same while getting a massage.

  • I never thought about it but yes a massage would be another place I could let it happen

  • I have fooled so many stupid tourists on the beach by telling them I work at the hotel as the lotion applier - they all buy it and I get to rub so many hot women :)

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