Wife affair caught after all these years

My wife and I have been married for 32 years this November. We met right out of college and dated for a couple years while we figured out our career path and financial stability.

A few months ago, one of her girl friends moved back to the area. She hadn't lived here since right after my wife and I married. I'll call her Lisa for sake of argument.

Anyway, I was home one Saturday while my wife was shopping with her sister. Lisa showed up and decided to stay and catch up. We were reminiscing about the days when my wife and dated, when Lisa let slip that she and my girlfriend at the time, had stayed with some guys while I was away.

I asked what she was talking about, it she shutdown and wouldn't say anything. I pushed her for information until she finally confessed and said a couple college friends had come to visit her. She invited my future wife over to spend the night.

She went on to say they had all been drinking and my wife flashed her tits at one of the guys as she got up to get another drink. He evidently jumped up and stripped his clothes off, while she stripped her clothes off. Then he proceeded to bend my wife over the couch and fuck her from behind. Meanwhile, Lisa and the other guy were fucking on the other couch. She went on to say at one point they switched up partners, and eventually had a foursome all night.

I thought she was fucking with me, but I asked my wife when she got home. It took some asking, but she finally confessed to having sex with both guys just as Lida had explained.

She doesn't think I should be mad at her, because I happened a long time ago, plus she says we weren't married yet. But that's not the point. The point is she and I were dating and we were in a committed relationship with eachother. Had I known she fucked around on me, i may have never married her.

Now she can't understand why I have been spending the night at our lake cabin, and wants me to come back home. She says I'm acting silly over something that happened over 32 years ago. She can't understand that she cheated on me, and if the table was turned, she would be upset too.

According to Lisa, they met up with those same two guys several times over the years, but it was only to catch up and have lunch or dinner together. She says they never fucked like they did back then. I'm not sure if I believe that or not. My wife denies ever having sex with them after we got married, but who knows.

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    • I don’t know how to explain it, but I recently found out my wife was having an affair on me. She worked for a very high end shipping company that did exports and imports of goods ranging from $1000 to millions. And in the warehouse was four other men she worked with. So she w@s around these men all the time, after she passed from COVID I discovered a journal with pics of her with them. All 4 of them. She even wrote that it made our marriage stronger. I did visit the warehouse a few times, I thought it was weird that there was a mini apartment on the site, full bedroom and bath, with a kitchen and dining area. In her journal it explains the other family life she lived. Making breakfast, lunch, sometimes dinner. The naps in between the day which really was for sex. She loved how for 8 to 10 hours a day she belonged to each of them. She felt wanted and needed. And up until she passed, we never had issues. It was like a fairy tale life we were in. Always happy, we helped each other with the house chores, never fought, great times with the kids.

    • I feel for you dude. My marriage survived my wife cheating in 2005. There are things that still open that wound. Its a decision you make to live with it. My wife is repentant about it and that is a huge difference. If I didn't believe her sincerity, it would be over. I know all the passwords, looked at everything for years. No unexplained absences etc. As I learned to trust again, I eased up. I do miss how I felt about our relationship before she cheated. Good luck either way.

    • My wife did it 35 years ago with some black guy was fucking both of us during the same time . We split up he kept banging her for like 6 months . Year later we hooked up 35 years later don't bother me a bit. But I have fucked about 60 to 70 women in that time all bareback. I have a feeling she cheated a few times oh well move on

    • My girlfriend, now wife of 45 years, had one semester of college to finish while I had started my job about 300 miles away. She came down every weekend but she missed sex during the week. I told her that she could fuck other guys at school during the week as long as I got to fuck her more on the weekends. We went from doing it twice a weekend to four or five times. I have never regretted encouraging her to fuck other guys since I fucked her more than before. We often talked about what the other guys did with her and I would do the things that they did with her.

    • I understand it's been a long time ago, but I'd still be pissed about it. Not enought to break up a marriage, but pissed never the less.

    • Get the Hell over it, you weren't married yet, and have since been together for 32 years.

    • Obviously you are the slut in your relationship who thinks it's okay to fuck around. I feel sorry for whomever you are with.

    • Every one of them? They keep coming back. Maybe feel sorry for their wives.

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