I cheated and I don’t care

Saturday night my husband and I had some friends over for a bbq. Everyone got drunk. Most got a cab and went home. Adrian’s friend Vince stayed the night. I didn’t drink very much because I seem to skip the fun part of being drunk and go straight to hangover.

So Sunday morning I got up about 6am. I went to make some breakfast. I was getting some ingredients ready to make sausage gravy when Vince walked into the kitchen. I turned towards him for a second and said, “Hey there sweetie. I’m making breakfast but it will be a bit before it’s ready.” He said, “That’s cool. I’ll just get some coffee and hang out with you while it cooks.” I said, “Want me to get you a cup?” He said, “No thanks. Just show me where they are.” I pointed to the cabinet right in front of me.

He walked up behind me. He was only wearing boxers. He pressed himself against me as he started to reach over to get a coffee cup. I was only wearing a white silk robe. It only covers half of my ass. I didn’t have it tied too tight so my breasts were pretty visible if I hadn’t been facing away from him. I didn’t have on panties or a bra. I have both nipples pierced as well as my belly button. I shave my pussy lips but keep the area above grown out. I like the feeling of lips or a cock on my bare pussy but I think it looks more mature and womanly to have pubes.

I could feel his cock against my ass crack. He looked down to see my breast poking out of my robe. He reached down to grab it. He said, “You aren’t wearing panties, are you?” I said, “Nope. I never do.” He said, “Sorry. I’m getting a bit excited. Wasn’t expecting such a hot woman to be up this early.”

I reached behind me and pulled his cock out of his boxers. I started to stroke it. He said, “What about Adrian?” I said, “He’s still asleep. He sleeps till about noon. You could fuck me in bed next to him and it probably wouldn’t wake him up.” He said, “Have you done this before?” I said, “What? Cheat on him? A couple times. He doesn’t know but he couldn’t be mad anyway.” He said, “Why is that?” I said, “He’s fucking some guy he works with?” He said, “Mark?” I said, “That would be him.”

I bent over and raised my robe over my ass. I spread my legs a bit. He held his cock and guided it as he pushed it inside me. He fucked me right there in the kitchen while the biscuits cooked. Complete with a cream pie. What a great way to start the day.

10 months ago

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    • Slut

    • What does that make Adrian? Apparently Adrian is fucking Mark from work.

      Is Adrian a slut too?

    • Super hot.... Wanna send me some naughty pics?

    • Very hot. Can i cum over?

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