Rupert's bike

It's just past the anniversary of Rupert pulling out in front of my van.
I hit him making him fly off his bicycle towards the ditch by a farmers field, not too far from his family home.
The front wheel on his bike was crushed, but the young man, other than a few bumps and bruises was ok.
After taking him back to the house I'd just been doing some building work on, I took his bike, putting it in the back of my van, knowing someone who could fix it up.
Before I left the scene of the accident, Rupert told me if I wanted to make him feel better, and so he didn't tell his parents I was the one to blame for the accident (It was a contract worth a lot of money to me), I should lower my work shorts.
In my van he lowered his head and sucked in my cock. He was my first ever gay experience and what a blow job that kid gave me that sunny afternoon.
His parents gave me a knowing look, especially his mother, but didn't say anything when I dropped him off. Apparently I wasn't the first tradesman/repairman to have enjoyed their sons appetite for cock.
Only when he walked past us all to explain things about his bike, I saw some of my cum in his blonde hair. Cum his mother noticed too.
The work lasted another three weeks, and every single day that boy wanted cock.
By the end I wasn't even bothered that his mother passed me 'the look' because I knew she accepted her teenage son was gay and having fun.
What she didn't know, is this builder had also taken her sons anal virginity after a week of blow jobs.
Every morning her husband would travel off to the city for work. And every afternoon she would drive over to her mother's home to look after her. It left myself and Rupert alone for a few hours, and even though I had a schedule of work, I still had time to further enjoy his ever willing mouth.
After a week of him draining my balls in different parts of their home, I told him I wanted to try and fuck his arse. He'd already been sucking my cock and wanking his tiny penis that afternoon, so he said we could try if I was gentle.
In the room they were using to store everything as I worked through one project after another, Rupert and I stripped naked.
I'd brought the hand cream I use at the end of each day. It stops your skin cracking and as we've found out, is an excellent lube for anal sex.
My dick was so hard it was hurting with the anticipation of fucking his hole.
Kneeling up on a pile of empty flattened cardboard boxes, I first parted his cute arse cheeks and buried my face between them.
The previous evening at home as my wife prepared our evening meal, I'd quietly watched a gay porn film on my phone. It showed an older man tonguing a younger guys arsehole. Getting it ready to be fucked. The young man seemed to love the attention and when the guy entered him from behind, his cock slid in easily.
I used the porn movie as teaching material and approached Rupert in a similar way. Tonguing Ruperts arsehole, it had very similar effects. And it also gave me a new favourite sex act to perform and throughly enjoy.
He moaned and groaned. Told me it was an amazing feeling and eventually told me to try and fuck him.
Spreading the hand cream over his arse, I put my bare cock head to his hole and pushed in.
He tried to pull off, but I held him there and thrust a little further in. With him struggling a little, I thrust even further in and suddenly felt his hole give. Rupert cried out, but this time pushed backwards making his arsehole totally envelop my dick.
We stayed still for a few seconds, then he pushed out and back in again, fucking himself on my cock.
It was like the green light and I didn't stop fucking him furiously for a long time until he bucked upwards and I saw his cum splattering the cardboard under him.
Holding his hips and his hair, I fucked that boy deeper than I had before and came in a run of shuddering spurts up his arsehole.
It was just amazing. Truly fantastic and I held my cock in his arse as I leaned over him. Rupert braced backwards after a minute or two and turned his head, which put his mouth next to mine. We kissed, my first gay kiss and kept on kissing long after I pulled out of his sticky cum filled hole.
When his mother arrived back from Rupert's nan's she mentioned something about the smell of sex. We were in different parts of the house by then, so I acted like I didn't know what she was talking about.
Even so she told me not to hurt her son. It was a marker and one I stuck to.
It didn't stop us fucking every day after that. And I even fucked Rupert on the day I cleared out my tools. His parents were inspecting the work I'd done and were planning other jobs for later on in the year.
Taking Rupert into my van, I fucked him in the back of it, cumming up his arsehole as he held his orgasmic scream, cumming himself all over one of my tool boxes.
The bike was back with him and for a couple of months after I left their home, he'd meet me down the country lanes close to his home. We'd fuck in the van, outdoors or when he told me about the place, an old unused barn/tractor storage place.
It was his mother who contacted me for further work, and that's when things got complicated. There was and is work to be done on their home. Lots of it in fact.
The first set of work I'd given them more than a very competitive price. Probably way too cheap for the work. But I saw it as a means to an end. It worked as I got lots of well paid work from people they know.
Now a year on from first fucking their son, who's now got a girlfriend in college (?) Rupert's mother is now the one who spends her afternoons draining my balls. Her mother passed away in October, so her time when I was at their home, was her own. She soon came onto me and seeing as she's one hell of a sexy woman, and that she mentioned Rupert liked his mother to be happy too. Plus she said she sometimes bumped into mrs builder, I kind of got her travel of conversation.
On the same boxes I first fucked her son, I fucked her also, and made damn sure she took it up her rear hole too.
The complication comes from the times when Ruperts back from college and still wants my cock. His mother and I have become very close lovers, if not just as a convenience I feel sometimes. So when I'm fucking him, she gets jealous. She knows it's short lived when he's home, but even so I have to put up with her sulking around us, even though I bone and much prefer fucking her when I can.
As for papa, well he's either oblivious or couldn't give a rats arse. He's a lot older than his wife and prefers his cars and wine.

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  • It took both planning and timing, for Rupert to pull his bike out in front of you causing the accident. His plan worked better than he could have imagined.

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