I took advantage of an inexperienced massage therapist

Living in south Florida I had a penthouse apartment on the 17th floor overlooking the beach and the pool area. Every morning at sunrise I would watch this very fit woman dressed in black spandex pants the pants came down to mid-calf and a midriff top encasing her larger than average breasts practicing tai chi on the pool deck. It was graceful and peaceful as I watched her perform her moves while drinking my coffee.

I came home one evening finding a flier on my door offering a massage. I decided to play hooky from work the next day and stay home. I called the number on the flier and to my surprise a teenaged boy answered. I told him I was calling about the massage and he announced “oh that’s my grandmother!” Oh great! I thought. Well, what the hell, I scheduled an appointment.

There was a knock at the door at 10 that morning. It was the boy lugging the massage table. “I’m here to set this up!” he announced. When I turned to look back at my massage therapist it was then I noticed an attractive yet mature, well-kept Japanese woman. It was the woman from the pool deck I had been watching every morning wearing the same outfit she wore while doing her tai chi. I guessed that I was about 15 years her junior.

After the table was set-up, the boy departed. Her name I learned was Siu. Siu turned with her back to me an in very broken English said “you get ready.” I undressed and laid on the table face down and put a small face towel across my butt. “Ready!” I announced. Siu turned toward me and without a word or hesitation began the massage. I was an avid runner and I was in good condition. I really did need a massage.

She was skilled and attentive as she felt my muscles and manipulated them to perfection. She skillfully moved the towel over my butt just enough to massage her area of focus of my butt until she managed to massage it all. Once done with my back she said “you turn over!” as she took hold of the towel and turned her head so I could rollover. Once comfortable on my back I said “OK!” and she laid the towel over my hips carefully without looking. She began at my legs and as she massaged, she would focus on where she was working with her back to my face. She shook my legs and as she did, I could feel the towel slipping off. At one point it fell off and onto the floor leaving me completely exposed. She immediately noticed and embarrassed, picked up the towel and laid it over my semi erect cock. Her flustered reaction was a bit of a turn on to me.

She went back to work on my legs. I laid there thinking of her reaction to seeing me naked and decided to ‘help’ the towel slip off again. When it hit the floor, she once again quickly returned it. I acted annoyed and frustrated and took the towel and tossed it away. “Leave it off!” I said. She said noting and returned to her work. As she massaged my legs, I pretended to have my eyes closed and watched her continually glance at my semi erect cock with greater frequency. When she was finished with the massage she asked “is there place you need more massage?” as I laid there with my legs slightly spread using my right hand touched between my legs under my balls. “here!” I said and laid back closing my eyes wondering what she would do. I peeked at her as she was now looking at my growing cock unsure how to begin. She was actually very shy. I think this massage gig was new to her.

She tentatively lifted my cock with 2 fingers and laid it straight on my stomach. Then with her right hand gently cupped and lifted my balls so she could massage under them. Her skilled touch felt wonderful. Using her left hand began making a light pressure small circular motion with 2 fingers. This gentle touch and motion made me very hard. She intently watched my cock as she worked, I moved my hand to her right hand gently holding my balls and laying my hand on hers guided her hand my hard cock and wrapped her fingers around it.

She seemed to be a little nervous, unsure of her next move and mesmerized at my now rock hard 7 inches and she also seemed to be a bit horny. I moved her hand to stroke my cock. After a few motions I let go and she continued to jerk me off as she moved her left hand to fondle my balls as her right hand stroked me. Her touch was firm yet gentle as she stroked me to orgasm. When I came, she smiled and continued until she was sure I was done. She left to get a towel to clean me. “You OK?” she asked. “I’m Great! That was wonderful.” I told her causing her to smile again. After a few minutes I got up and got dressed as she watched me. I have to do that again I thought.

1 month ago

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    • Maybe on next visit she love you long time!

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