I became a massage therapist so i could see men naked

I'm 42 years old now but from a young age of about 13 or 14 I became obsessed with wanting to see a man naked. i was brought up in a very strict household and sex was a taboo subject and i wasn't allowed to date until i was 18. i learned about the female body from a very clinical approach. because i was a girl i wasn't allowed to sit on my fathers lap. a hug from him was rare.

As time passed i became more obsessed with seeing men naked. of course i saw naked men in pictures which just fueled my curiosity. i wanted to see a naked man in person and up close. i wondered what their 'thing' felt like. when i turned 16 i was a reading a story about a woman giving men massages. that would be perfect!

sometimes my sister and i would take turns massaging each others back and shoulders and i thought that i could learn what i needed to know on the internet. in the mean while i found a used massage table and bought it. it came with all the supplies like sheets, towels and a pillow. i had to buy the oils.

after a few weeks of watching massage techniques i created a flier and posted it at a small local apartment complex on the 'news bulletin board' and waited.

a friend of mines parents have a one bedroom apartment over their garage and i told my friend my plan and she said i can use it anytime i wanted. heck her folks travel a lot and are hardly ever home anyway but incase they were home the great part is it has a private entrance.

A week and a half went by and i finally got a call. he made an appointment for that Thursday ay 10 am. i would have to skip school but i was so excited it was worth it. i got to the apartment at 8:30. i had to make it appear i was going to school. i nervously waited.

10 o'clock sharp there was a knock. i opened the door to find a nice looking older man. he was a little overweight but not too bad. we talked for a few minutes then he said 'so where and how do you want me?' i stammered for a moment and pointed at the table.

I turned my back as he undressed. my heart raced. i was now in the room with a naked man. 'ready' he said. i was shocked and surprised to turn and see he had not used the towel to cover-up and he was naked and face down on the table.

i began my first massage on a man at his shoulders. i used the oil a little too generously. as i worked down his back i approached his butt and wondered if i should massage all of him? i guess so! i moved to his butt and messaged to the best of my novice ability.

he laid there quietly with his legs slightly parted and as i massaged his butt i could see his balls and some of his cock.

this was very exciting to me. i was touching a naked mans butt and i was about to see everything. as i massaged his butt i moved to the tops of his legs and could became focused on his balls and wanted to touch them . I covertly slid my hands between his legs pretending to massage his inner thighs all the while moving closer to his manhood until i made contact brushing my fingers over the underside of his balls. i wasn't expecting it but he let out a soft pleasurable moan. i think he liked it! i thought. with my heart now pounding in my chest, i massaged his legs down to his feet and back up again planning on touching his balls and cock this time.

as i massaged the inside of his thighs i targeted his manhood and repeatedly ran my hands from inside his knees all the way up the inside of his thighs to his butt crack making sure i brushed his balls with each pass. as my excitement grew i felt braver with each pass. i even spread his butt cheeks at first to see his butthole but then i wanted to touch it too. i made several passes and each time touched his balls and butt hole.

i looked at the clock and saw that i had been playing with him for 45 minutes of his hour massage. i wanted to see his whole cock. I paused for a moment and told him he could turn over. when he did his cock was fully erect. my first real and up-close cock! i think i stared at it for a good long while thinking how much i wanted to touch it.

i was breathing heavy and i could feel my heart pounding as i started messaging at his chest. as i distractedly worked his chest i stared at his cock. i moved to his sides and messaged his arms and hands under the pretext of getting a closer look at his cock. i moved to his stomach and massaged as close as i dared to his erection. after a coming very close i decided to move to his legs and began at his feet.

again his legs were slightly parted as i worked my way up closer and closer to his balls and hard cock. i moved my hands up from his knees to inches away from his balls and back. each time i got closer and closer until he began once began moaning softly. the closer i got to his manhood the more he moaned. he was enjoying this i thought with encouraged me to get closer with each pass.

then it happened. i was so mesmerized with his manhood i moved to his hip and gently began rubbing the tops of his legs and all around his manhood. i so badly wanted to touch it. i rubbed his stomach underneath his erection still not touching it. then with both hands on hos stomach i moved them on either side of his manhood and slid them between his legs. this encouraged him to open his legs wider as he moaned again giving me full access to his entire manhood. i repeated my hand cycle several times still not touching it bit i wanted to so badly.

I don't know where i got the courage from but as i slowly and gently moved my hands up his inner thighs i turned my hands slightly allowing myself to cup his balls. he moaned loudly but laid there with his eyes still closed.

i guess since he didn't protest i took that as a green light to take liberties with him. i played with his balls for a while gently feeling their softness. as i lifted his balls to reposition them in my hand my nails gently dragged under his balls eliciting a louder moan and a deep breath from him. then he whispered 'Oh My God yes!'

I could no longer resist. with one hand still cupping his balls i used my free hand to touch his cock. at first i ran a single finger the length of his shaft pausing at the head of his cock and admiring how soft it felt. then thinking back to an adult film i saw i wrapped my hand around his shaft and began stroking my first cock. he was obviously enjoying my touch and i continued.

i didn't know how firm i should grasp it and i wasn't completely sure i was doing it right but i was enjoying it. i continued fondling his balls as i stroked his cock never taking my eyes off it until he reached for the sides of the table and his body tensed. i looked at his face to see his eyes wide open and a look of concern. 'please don't stop' was all he managed. i returned my focus to his cock just in time to see him squirt his while thick cum all over his stomach.

this was the greatest thing i think i had ever seen to that point in my life. i was awestruck and still stroking him until he put his hand on mine to stop me. i took that opportunity wo see what his cum felt like. i put a finger in it. it felt warm and slippery so using my whole hand began rubbing it on his stomach.

he told me that was the best massage he ever had but he had to go. i wanted to play with his cock some more but he got up and dressed. then he handed me a hundred dollar bill and asked to make another appointment.

i found all the material i could on giving men a massage so when he came back a few days later and i was still very curious about the things i read about men's bodies. his next massage went pretty much the same as i discovered i love to play with a mans cock. this time while he was on his stomach i once again generously oiled his butt and teasingly rubbed between his butt cheeks ensuring i teased his butt hole. when he was on his back i once again stroked his cock while playing with his balls. he once again opened his legs wide.

i don't think he was expecting what i did next, im not sure i was, as i found his butt hole and gently pushed my finger up his butt to see if i could locate his prostate. i read about that. i think i did because as i messaged it he exploded shooting his seaman up to his neck.

this guy is a regular visitor who allows me to play with him as long as i like. i have since had a few more men visit and they let me play as well. i made 4 to $500 a week and i have seen and played with 5 cocks each week.

I don't know how i got brave (or stupid) enough to attempt this but i did. there was a couple of times that the guy said he needed help and he needed to see me naked so he could cum and i could play as long as i wanted. i let them touch my boobs but they are little anyway. one time a guy touched my kitty. that frightened me a little

i have been carrying this guilt with me for years. nobody really knew what i didn't in there not even my best friend. if my folks ever found out they would have killed me. until today i have told no body. not even my husband.

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    • This is a very typical massage and provided usually by Asian massage parlors, however I have found a number of independent ones that i visit as well. $100 per session is typical and you and others provide a service to relieve stress for men and help them relax and be better people. You are not having sex with them, just massaging their bodies, no big deal. The fact that you enjoy seeing and touching cocks is great, and rewarding for both of you.

    • In most states that's not a massage but prostitution.

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