My shy wife

My wife is 5’4” Hispanic .
She was 36 years old at the time.
She agreed to get a massage eventually

she found out that I had cheated on her earlier during.She got massage from a Panama man .He was at least 6ft 6 inches.
We got to the hotel went in and my wife said let me get in to a towel.She came out dropped the towel and got on the table.He started to massage her from the neck to her hips.Then started between her legs and just penetrated her with his long fingers.she moaned.He turned her over started giving her oral.She continued to moan.He picked her up from the massage table and put her on the bed.He whispered something in her ear .She then spread her legs.Little by little he got in her.I think she loved it because he made her scream in pleasure like never before.He fucked her for about three hrs.My innocent shy wife not no more .

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