Vacation massage

We took a vacation to the tropics and it was a really nice area and hotel. One day I scheduled a massage in the room, I figured my husband was going to be there so I was a little surprised when he told me he decided to go golfing. I told him I had a masseuse coming in an hour and he kissed me and told me to enjoy it.
The masseuse showed up and I he was very nice, set up his table and told me whenever I was ready he was set up. I was wrapped in a towel and laid down on my front side, he was really good and I was getting very relaxed when I suddenly began thinking about him touching me. I could not stop imagining him playing with me even though he was no where near my privates. He began folding the towel across my back and I just decided that I would take it off, I threw it on the floor and laid back down. I wanted to give him full access to me and see what would happen, he was very professional of course and gave me a great massage. I told him that my shoulder was giving me troubles and asked if he knew any good techniques to loosen it up more. He asked me to roll over onto my back and gently pulled my arm up above my head and then massaged and turned my arm around to different positions. It did feel really good and I told him he was definitely helping a lot. He asked me if there was anything else special I wanted done and I laughed a little bit, then I just closed my eyes and told him he could touch any part of me he wanted to and do anything he wanted. I laid there for a second not feeling anything and thought to myself I guess I went to far with that one but then I felt his hands on my arms bringing them above my head. He ran his hands down each arm and ended with cupping both my breasts and slowly repeating it over and over gently teasing my nipples each time. It was sending tingles down my entire body. He then rubbed my torso and both of his hands would surround my pubic hair but just rub my thighs and he kept doing that over and over then slid down my legs to my feet. He was giving such a great foot massage that I could feel my insides getting turned on. He had touched every part of me except my vagina yet I was so turned on I felt that I could have a small orgasm. Then his fingers finally ended up spreading me apart and with just a few fingers he massaged my clit giving me and incredible orgasm. I was feeling so good it felt like my body was lifting off the table. He finished off with more breast and nipple massaging then asked me if I was happy with my massage. I told him he was absolutely coming back tomorrow but I rolled over onto my front side and slid myself to the edge of the table. I told him I wanted to suck him off so he lowered his shorts and I was really glad to see he was well sized. I licked and sucked on him then reached back and grabbed his wonderful ass and pulled him as deep as I could get him. He began pushing his hips back and forth which is something I love to do, I am not sure why but I love the feeling of a man thrusting in and out of my mouth. He came and I swallowed all of him, he told me it felt very good and I asked him to come again tomorrow.
He made love to me four days straight and I told him that he was one of the best lovers I have ever had in my life. I am sure my husband knew what I was doing because he came up with something to do everyday while I got a massage. I was loving my vacation because I was having sex three times a day and getting so much pleasure I did not want it to end. On one afternoon my husband came back just minutes after I got off the table from being thoroughly pleasured and the masseur was still folding up his table. Right after he closed the door on his way out I told my husband I was so turned on from the massage he had to pleasure me. He spent the next hour just madly making love to me and I had four or five orgasms total that afternoon.


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  • I set my wife up with a massage with just this in mind for her. She kept telling me that she had a great one that afternoon but when I pressed her for what was so great about it she just told me he had magic hands and fingers. I asked her if she was nude for it and she told me yes that she usually is for all of them. I asked her if this turns on the masseuse at all and did she notice a bulge in his pants but she would never admit that sex of any kind happened.

  • And what if your husband was in the next room over getting his massage as well? My wife likes to go to the casino and gamble, while she is at the casino, I do what you have just described.

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