Massage Fantasy inspired by true events

My ex was a former massage therapist and always stressed the professionalism of therapists. I also read a very good article about how therapists gossip and share experiences of clients who are inappropriate or ask for sexual favors. This can be very detrimental to one's reputation and ability to get a quality massage.

I clearly remember (and get hard thinking about it) about one massage. She was a plain looking young woman and had only been working for a couple of years. Her massage got better and better as it progressed. While in a very relaxed state while on my back, she was most of the way through the massage and working my neck with her forearm. There is a concept of 'referral' where pressure on one spot can cause reaction in another. In this case, the more she massaged my neck firmly the more aroused I became. It was almost like she was stroking my cock via my neck. I got rock hard and started gently moving my hips with her movement. She kept on but I so wanted her to make me orgasm or take advantage of me.

Now the fantasy... to avoid legal jeopardy, I wrap the sheet and blanket around my cock and start stroking while she works my neck. My cock pops out with precum on it and she clearly can see since she's at the head of the massage table. We keep in time and she starts going faster and harder... She rubs her mons on the top of my head and this almost drives me over the edge! Finally, I explode in a huge stream of cum all over my she's leaning forward, she gets some on her chin. She leans over close to my mouth and I lick it off... I want to kiss her but she backs away. I apologize profusely and plead with her that I'll do anything she desires not to say anything or report me (I'd like to continue my membership there!). She says by policy she needs to report the incident but I plead. So, she says, on one condition. I eagerly agree before she even tells me what it is.

She orders me off the table and to stand naked in front of her. She sits on the table facing me and pulls down her leggings. Her white cotton panties are soaked through and I find them irresistible. I want to suck on them and push my mouth to her pussy but before I can react, she pulls her panties down and spreads her legs. The she says, you have 5-minutes to eat me and make me cum or I'll report you... I get on my knees and...

To be continued. (Ladies, what do you think so far?)

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  • Hi. Yes it sounds very hot. I'm a 36 year old married mum.I would love the occasional full body massage and it wasn't until I was introduced to a new massage therapist that my fantasies started to begin.So this was going back a few years now.I was 31.My marriage was failing.And I had gotten to the point of ending it so many.At this point I had even though he couldn't accept it.I had already started having massages with this new guy.He was a couple years younger,was so cute and had a great body.I was already having thoughts about him but now in the after process of ending things with my hubby I got a little bold.I stopped bothering with the towel before the massage.I asked if it was ok and he said as long as I was ok with it.I said I was as it feels so much better and natural.I soon realised he liked it too as I saw his partial erection thru the massage table hole.I had him round one evening and while he worked on me I got so damn horny I couldn't take it anymore. While he rubbed my thighs I took his hand and moved it to my inner thighs.Up some more slightly and that's all the persuasion he needed.

  • So hot

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