What can go wrong?

I knew that my wife shares a lot about our sex life with her friend.

But now she asked me if I want a 3some!

I got to admit her friend is hot, has excellent boobs face lips, etc

What can go wrong?
I prefer if married people answer, I had my share of 3somes as single, but that doesn't count.

2 months ago

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    • You talk first with your wife and her friend and reach an understanding that later on there will not be another person in. With that go ahead.

    • Dont do it. Its better that she's the one that brought it up, but in my opinion its a bad idea.
      1- if you enjoy fucking her friend, which you're married and you will, your wife might get extremely jealous later.
      2- your wife might be bisexual and it could turn into a lesbian affair.
      3- she could pull the ole' bait and switch later. "I let you fuck my friend, there's this cute guy I want to [fuck] have a 3some with."

      You two need to sit down and have a serious talk. Ask her what about bringing another partner into bed shes trying to get the most out of. If you don't like the answer say so. There's a reason we took vows and doing this has the possibility of damaging those vows for years, if not forever. Hope this post helps.

    • Yes..it's a slippery slope....

    • Thank you,
      It helps,

    • That reply is right! External marital sex is the second fastest way to divorce. Only cheating outright beats it.

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