My wife and I are always betting on everything against each other and it has made being with her a lot of fun and very interesting .We bet on anything ,like which one of our neighbors will buy a new car first,, or when at the store one of us will slip something into a random cart then make sure to be behind that person when they go to check out.First bet will they catch it before check out and if they do at check out will they say something and say they dont want it or will they be silent and pay for it. It is things like when it is an obvious single guy .Tampons or pregnancy test,,shit like that. the loser always has to do what ever the winner says no matter what . I was the one to lose our last bet and couldnt believe what she was making me do.We have come up with some original,fun ,and humiliating ideas but nothing like this time. I work with this black man ,Ben ,and we have become friends.We have gone to baseball and foot ball games,,camping and he comes over for dinner often.He is single and says he loves it when Heather calls him and invites him for dinner.The woman can cook,let me tell you ..Any way Heather knows I see Ben at work all the time and the chance of the two of us taking a piss at the same time was fairly high .So for me losing the bet I have to ask Ben to show me his cock. She said it wouldnt look so bad with us being in the rest room ,I could come up with what ever reason for wanting to look at his cock and no matter how bad it will look it wouldnt be near as bad if I asked him that out on the shop floor.I was stunned,,couldnt talk for a minute and my wife took that time to have fun making it as humiliating as possible. I had one week to do it or there were going to be penalties and I always hated it when that happened . I tried to think up a way to get Ben to show me his cock and couldnt come up with anything so on the last day I caught him in the rest room ,walked up to him and explained the game my wife and I played,that id lost and what she was making me do .I was so glad no one walked in while I was telling that to Ben cause it would have been so bad for me at work . After I told that all to Ben he smiled saying I had a hell of an imagination for thinking up such a story .He told me that if I want to see his cock all I have to do is ask him and he will show me.I just stood there for a second and Ben said he wouldnt until I asked him first.I have never felt so humiliated in all my life but I had to ask him to show me like Heather said and he was not going to show it until I asked to see it so I was fucked both ways either way I took a deep breath ,looked ad Ben and asked him as confidently as possible if I could see his cock .He smiled and told me sure,,he would be glad to but since I lied to him why I was asking him the first time I had to touch it or he wouldnt do it .He said no and made things a lot worse telling me he would pull it out and let me see it only if I agreed to take it in my hand,,wrap my fingers around it and hold it for at least ten seconds. I prayed for a heart attack,,nuclear strike ,,anything but nothing .I said ok,,I will do it .Ben walked over to the bathroom door and locked it.There are several bathrooms all over the building and one of them was always locked for one reason or another so this one being locked wasnt no biggie and it assured us that no one would walk in on us.Ben stood in front of me and dropped his pants and underwear ,I looked at his cock saw that it was getting hard already and knew that I better do this quick because I didnt want to see his cock totally hard. my hand was shaking as I reached out and took his big cock in my hand and wrapped my fingers around it.Ben told me that he would tell me when I was allowed to let go and a few seconds his cock was rock hard and for some reason,I still dont know why I began to jack him off .When I realized what I was doing I said im so sorry but didnt let go and continued to play with this mans big black cock.I could not stop myself ,my brain screamed at me but my hand gripped and continued to pump away at his cock. Finally ben reached out and took my hand making me stop,In my head I was so relieved that this was over but no,,,my nightmare got even worse for me .Ben told me it was obvious that I wanted to do this and was enjoying playing with his cock but we both knew there was something else I wanted to do .He told me to tell him what it was .I had never done it or even thought about doing it but when ben stopped talking before I knew I was going to say it I told Ben that I wanted to suck his cock.He smiled and told me he knew that I wanted to do that and said I couldnt unless I asked him first . I told him I just told him that I wanted to and asked myself why I did that because I had not even thought about it. He told me that I did but tell him and asking him permission to suck his cock were two different things .Ben explained that it was good that I confessed to him my desire to suck his cock and there wasnt anything wrong with that but if I tried to suck his cock without getting his permission then that is against the law and was sexual herassment .Ben told me he would have to report me to HR and then everyone I know would find out .I felt like a little boy asking for some candy and looked at Ben and asked if I could please suck his cock .Immediatly my brain said "please?" and I wondered where the hall that came from and my brain began to freak out about the entire situation until Ben told me that I could suck his cock.At that moment my brain shut off,,I dropped to my knees and started licking and kissing his cock until I had covered every inch of it,,THEN I wrapped my lips tight as I could around it and began sucking on that big hard cock taking as much as I could in my mouth .Ben sighed and said "Damn girl ,,you are a pretty good cock sucker" . I wanted to tell him that I had never sucked a mans cock before but didnt want to stop sucking.Ben started breathing harder,,deeper and he told me he was about to cum and told me not to stop sucking and swallow every drop or else I would have to do it again and again until I swallowed every drop not wasting any of his cum. I wasnt prepared for the amount of cum that exploded into my mouth but swallowed as much as I could as fast as possible and managed to not waste any at all.I slowly sucked till his cock started going soft then I let it slip out of my mouth .My face was bright red and I told him thank you for letting me suck your cock then turned and got the fuck out of there as fast as I could .Later on that day Ben walked up to me when no one was close enough to hear and told me that I liked sucking his cock as much as he liked me doing it and that I could suck it anytime I wanted to but he wouldnt ever come to me ,,when I wanted to suck his cock he said that I had to ask him in person if I could do it then he walked off and went back to work. I now ask Ben to let me suck his cock at least once a day ,some days two or even three times and he always says yes and I work my way around to a place in the shop that is very private where we know we wont get caught .Ben said that if we get caught he will tell them how I asked to suck his cock,,more than once a day even and it would look like he was just getting his cock sucked ,what man would turn down getting his cock sucked.He told me that since I asked him ,some days more than once a day and have been doing it for some time now that I was definatly the gay one in this relationship . Ben hes even decided to take it a step further and makes me beg him to let me suck his cock.I have become addicted to his cock and need to have his yummy cum in my mouth .To feel it and taste it before I swallow it. I am really a faggot now and cant live without sucking his cock and making him cum in my mouth

1 month ago

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    • Man, that is a hot story

    • How could you read that! That might be a record long paragraph.

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