So curious

I’m 23 and have a boyfriend but I just want to have sex with a girl so badly.

Me and my boyfriend have great sex and I am so comfortable with him but I’ve just always wanted to passionately make out with a girl and touch her boobs and run my hands through her hair.

I watch porn all the time but lesbian is the only thing that turns me on now. I’m dying to be alone with a girl and just have it lead up to passionate licking or scissoring.

I think my boyfriend would be fine with me experimenting but I want to get a dating app again to find someone and I can’t decide how to bring it up. I don’t want him to think I’m not satisfied because I definitely am but I want to feel sexy and have excitement and I would get that with trying it with a girl.

7 days ago

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    • Hey if you want to try it go for it. But if your BF knows it might turn him on and if it turns out you don't enjoy it you might have him trying to push you to keep doing it. So I'd suggest your first time it be by yourself and him not know a thing about it. But I can tell you you'll be surprised how many girls are bi. My wife and I got married at 18yo and soon after we got into swinging. We started with my wife exposing herself to strangers. Then MFM threesomes and then we decided to try wife swapping.

      My wife had never been with another girl and we had no idea that the wife of the other couple was bi. The other husband suggested before we swap that we take some pics of the wives and suggested they help each other undress. I was turned on as hell but also concerned when the other wife started fondling my wife's tits. I was afraid my wife was going to freak out. But instead she started fondling the other girls tits and soon they were licking & sucking each others tits.

      I new the real test was coming when the girl slid down between my wife's long sexy legs and started eating her pussy. And when my wife moved them into a 69 I knew my wife was into it. After a while we swapped and as I fucked the other wife and her husband fucked my wife they were still reaching over feeling each others tits. So you just never know until you try it.

    • Excuse me, you precious, open-minded little faggot. You aren't curious. You're horny. And if you can't tell the difference between those two things, you're going to get to spend a large part of what's left of your life behind bars, in the company of drooling men who don't care about the difference, or appreciate the sweet subtle distinctions. Enjoy!

    • I think that about 90% of all women are bisexual, and this has been so for hundreds of years. Back in the 1800s it was was un lawful for two men to have sex together but not two women, the English understood that the women would have a sexual relationship with what ever was available.

    • You don't need permission from anyone. Look around you with friends and family. All women around you like this relationship. Dress for it. Invite them when you are alone. Visit them when they are alone. Let them know your fantasy individually. Offer them a drink and eat and be eaten. Don't limit your self. Be open minded. Share your thighs.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck! Dumb ass

    • I say go for it, you are 23 and need to get all of your sexual curiosity that don’t pertain to your partner before you really commit. I am a heterosexual male. My very favorite porn is lesbian scissoring and lesbian ass eating. Just do it once with or without telling your guy.

    • ^This^ right ^here^ is the very VERY best observation of the entire lot: DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL".

    • Regardless of who it's with, the act is infidelity. Period. You're not going to get a pass just because your prospective targets will have a different collection of goodies, nor will he agree to your little "experiment" in the name of exploration or scientific curiosity, and you're both a fool AND an imbecile if you think you can present it to him in a way that will be palatable and inoffensive to him. The idea necessarily suggests that you share physical intimacy with another human. Unless HE is already cheating on YOU, he may well raise a finger to the idea, but it won't be a thumb. You're trying to rationalize your way to an act of pure selfishness and immorality, and you want your partner's enthusiastic encouragement, or just for him to get out of your way. You'll be lucky if he doesn't kick your sorry ass OUT just for asking, you sick motherfuck!!! SICK SICK CHEATING MOTHERFUCK!!!!! Yes, I described you as "cheating", indicating you've already begun doing it. It will be as obvious to him (and everyone else) as it is to me that you're trying to get forgiveness for sins already committed. You could find that in heaven (if you went about it the right way), but not here on earth.

    • WTF. You obviously never have sex with anyone. If you are so concerned about immortality and righteousness why are “YOU” on this site. You should save your preaching and judgment for whatever hypocritical church you attend. Super Loser.

    • You can’t accuse someone of being sick and a cheater when you know nothing about their relationship. We’ve discussed threesomes before and agreed we’d do an MFF one, and I’ve expressed I’d like to try things with a girl. Experimentation in a relationship is a good thing and we are honest about what we want to try - if he’s not comfortable with it then I won’t do it because I respect him and want to be with him more than anything but I feel comfortable enough to have the conversation with him and know he’s not going to be angry or leave me over it - I know he’ll be honest with me if he doesn’t want me to. I know couples who are married and have kids and have open relationships, tinder accounts, go on dates etc and they are absolutely happy. Not everything needs to be like that. A closed minded comment!!

    • I'm so sorry that your reading is so poor, and that you have nearly no comprehension of what you do read. Maybe that will improve when you reach adulthood.

    • Reread his post. He knows it's it's wrong and unacceptableWITHIN THE RELATIONSHIP THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE, so he's seeking justification and a really good argument to make his pitch for permission. He knows it's wrong because he knows THEIR ground rules. If there were NO ground rules, he wouldn't be here looking for useful cover: he wouldn't need it. You guys are fucking clown-whores, setting up camp under your great big moral-relativism tent and then yanking it down when it no longer suits your inconvenient facts. Go suck a fuckin dick.

    • Man, hey's a whole LOT of sick ASS muthafuggas up in THIS bitch. Too bad we can't just knock you dirty faggot fuckin asses all OUT and then chop off your dick and balls with a rusty's what you deserve. Sick ASS.

    • Yeah sick fucking Assbitches!!!

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