Lesbian Confessions

Husband gets an eyeful

So I am a married woman. I have been bicurious for the longest time. Well, I am finishing up my bachelors degree and decided to wait to take calculus until I had gotten other classes out of the way. Well, I have become good friends with another girl that I have have had several classes with. Well, she came over to my house for some help with our... [more]

My mom walked in on me

I had lots of feelings for this girl at school. She and I were friends since early childhood, but around puberty I got the hots for her.
We were eleven or so and I would get her to let me suck on her nipples, I would suck hard, until her nipples were big and hard. I would tell her that babies sucked real hard so it was ok for me to suck her... [more]

First time

I licked my best friend's pussy last night and I enjoyed it. It was after a night out, I went back to her house to sleep like I do after most partys we go to. We shared her double bed as usual and after a while she asked me why I couldn't sleep. I replied saying I wasn't tired and she leaned in towards me and we kissed gently for a second. Then I... [more]

Horny Flatmate

I'm a 20 year old student, I live with three other girls and have been friends with one of them, Holly, since childhood. She's a beautiful, tiny little sexy blonde with DD boobs, weirdly the same size as mine so we share underwear a lot. We are very close. Last night we went out and got very drunk and Holly and I ended up cuddling in the same bed... [more]

An unexpected lesbian experience.

I'd always had boyfriends but was never in a relationship for long. One time I was working in a bar when I realised an attractive female customer was giving me the eye. I took care of myself, slim, attractive, with long blonde hair and a nice set of tits I was used to getting complimentary looks from men but this was a first. I could tell by the... [more]

When I was away at school

I went to a private liberal arts college to study English Literature. My goal was to become a high school teacher.
My first semester I lived in an mixed dorm, girls on one floor, and guys on another. In my suite were four girls, two to a room with a shared bathroom.
One morning I was showering and one of the girls from the other room got... [more]


My best friend and I decided to get together tonight to have some fun. We were both incredibly horny, so we started to watch some lesbian porn. prior to this, I had always had the desire to eat another woman's pussy... and I did. it tasted so good. finally when she was about to cum, she told me to put my finger in her cunt. I gladly did. and as... [more]

Caught my Wife making out with our next door Neighbor.

The Couple that's lived next door to us for a few years had a 4th of July Party. They have a big Yard and a nice Pool. They had invited about 25 People and most of them showed up, so People were everywhere. They had plenty of Food and the Booze was flowing as well. Well at some point I had to go to the Bathroom and after finding both of them... [more]

Strapped Down

I'm friends with this girl I never knew was a lesbian. One day I went round to her house, after she'd asked me. When i got there we went up to her bedroom and as soon as I stepped inside she locked me in. I asked her why we were locked in and she just said "I always lock my room". Anyways then she came towards me and grabbed my hands, tying them... [more]

Sex with another girl

I knew my girlfriend was a lesbian because she had made sexual passes at me. I guess I went to visit her, because I was curious about sex with another girl. I like men and have a boyfriend, but knew I was possibly setting myself up for a lesbian affair. Found out she lived with another female and after a few drinks both of the began to seduced... [more]

Me and my cousin (both girls)

My cousin and I were changing. When we were younger we'd get naked and flash each other like it was nothing but now we're teenagers we look away when we take off our bra and panties. Well one time she was already changed but i was still in my bra undies and she just wouldn't stop looking at me!I says what you starin at bitch and she flicked my... [more]

I did it on a dare and liked it

Hubby took me out for a dinner, a movie and drinks afterwards. How the subject came is a long story but after a few drinks, hubby bet me that I couldn't go to a local G&L bar and see if I could get a woman to buy me a drink. I'm really not into women but it was a sucker bet and besides the money I wanted to put him in his place.
The only... [more]

I think I am a lesbian

I suspect and have suspected for quite some time that I am a lesbian. I have had unsatisfactory sex with a few men and the tragedy is that most of them think they know how to treat a woman and that they are good at. But that is a delusion. btw I have not, until the events of this story happened, had sex with another woman.
I belong to a gym in... [more]

Wife and her GF

My wife are very open, we have been married for about 2 1/2 years and we discuss everything. When we knew each other for a while but were hooking up. People were surprised that we only were engaged for four months before we were married, since prior to that she was with other guys and girls. What people don't know is that I have always been... [more]

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