Cuck stores

There have been a lot of cuckholding stories here lately. I am not sure if they are really or not, but I can tell you that my wife and I have been swinging for years. We actually met eachother at a sex party and hit it off. She had problems getting pregnant, so we never had kids nor settled down. 20 plus years later and we still love the lifestyle. We have regular meetings with friends, some high profile figures in the community who secretly have sex with us. I have sex with the mayor's wife while my wife has sex with the mayor. People you would never guess, belong to the secret life style. Including teachers from the community schools, police officers, council members, and even the pastor and his wife from one of the churches. The lifestyle is more common than anyone realizes, we just don't advertise to the world that we are swingers.

29 days ago

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    • Great, now I have AIDS

    • Sounds like a personal problem. Maybe you should have picked classier swinger friends.

    • I never gave much thought about it until my boyfriend asked me to have sex with his bestfriend. I was shocked and hurt at first. I thought he didn't want me. I asked myself what I did wrong. Then I ran into his ex at the grocery store shortly afterward, and I asked her about it. She said that is his fetish and I should just go with it. Then she promised I would love it. After some more thought I decided to give him what he wanted. I had sex with his bestfriend who has a much bigger penis then my boyfriend, and he gave me the best orgasm I ever had. I am so glad my boyfriend has this fetish.

    • I work in health care and can attest the claims are valid. There is a LOT more participants in the lifestyles then you'd think

    • So do I, but the only we can find out if they are gay or straight by who comes to visit them or the meds they take. You are not allowed to ask if they are gay. That is one good way to be fired or sued. A patient can tell you! But even if a patient wants the PREP meds all he has to say is that he believes his lifestyle requires it. Don't know how you would find out if a man is a sissy or cockhold or anyones sexual history unless you are a therapist or shrink!

      We had one ER nurse get fired after a supervisor overheard her telling another nurse what a patient who went to surgery had stuck up his ass!

    • It's true, people have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Or sometimes outside!

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