I've wanted my MIL for 37 years

I married my wife 36 years ago. My MIL was 42 at the time. She is short and curvy with huge breasts, similar to my wife's. My wife says that they look almost identical, but I can only imagine. When we dated, I would catch her sometimes washing her hair in the kitchen sink, wearing her bra. It was always on days that she knew I would be coming over. She is now 78 and I am 55. She has been widowed for 16 years and refuses to even date another man. I and my wife tell her she's wasting valuable years. They talk frequently about her Mom's desires for sex and wife even bought a toy for her, at her request. Wife and I dabble a bit in the swinging lifestyle. We have FWB, so we are very open at discussing desires, etc. She knows that I would love to take her mom and please her and I think she is ok with it, as she likes me being with other women. MIL is a bit of a religious prude. She has only had maybe 1 glass of wine in her life. If I could only get her to let loose a bit and enjoy life, I know she would have a great adventure.

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  • The part of about her washing her hair in the sink brought back a great memory of my mother. When I was in my teens waking up in the morning was not my specialty so my mom probably figured washing her hair in the kitchen sink was safe without a top on. She has huge boobs and had on pajama bottoms but was topless, I walked into the kitchen area quietly thank goodness. One of her boobs was hanging down while the other was smashed into the countertop edge, it to eventually slid off and dangled there bobbing around as she rinsed her hair. I had moved myself around a corner and was peeking at her, when she turned off the water I slowly walked back to my room and got back in bed with the sight of her erect nipples and dangling breasts in my brain forever.

  • Good story... Almost an identical event.

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