Wife's Helpful Sister

My wife and I have been married a good number of years. My wife convinced me in letting my ssbbw sister-in-law live with us. I thought my wife's breast is huge but my sister-in-law beats her because of her being a bbw. My wife knew I was bored with our sex life and wanted more especially oral. I enjoyed it when she jerked me over her tits and rubbed the cum all over them.
One day I thought my wife was showering. I decided to step inside the bathroom with my dick out. To my surprise I saw my sister-in-law instead, with her giant breasts hanging on her big belly. She seen my hard on and smiled. She stepped out of the shower and handed me a towel to dry her off. I enjoyed drying off her breast and ass. My wife stepped in and quickly left, leaving me with her sister.
I expected hell from my wife but she said nothing about what I was doing. "My sister fat body turned you on hun? " she said to me as she fed me her tit and stroked me while in bed. I confessed to her it was the blow job that her sister gave me after she left. "You liked that ,didn't you? I can't do that but seeing me and my sister play with each others tits would turn you on? " she said as she lifted her breasts and sucked them.
We just got done eating in the kitchen when my wife grabbed her sister's breast from behind and fondled them. I got turned on. "You sucked on my hubby's dick, can suck on my tit just as good? " I watched as my sister-in-law lifted my wife's top and licked and suck on wife's saggy tit. My wife saw me pull my dick out rubbing it. She guided her sister to me and told her to suck my dick as a favor for staying with us. Wife fondled her sister's tits and flopped them around as I was getting head. To my surprise , wife held her sister's head on my cock and told me to mouth bang her sister.
That was the beginning of slut sister pleasing me to help wife. Wife would play with sister's tits while I did oral on sister.

3 months ago

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    • I dated my SIL Jill before my wife. Another SIL Ann thinks that's funny I've been with both. But Jill's husband doesn't. Ann will always bring it up when we're all together. Jill is a saint, church goer, oversexed but you'd never know it unless you fucked her, and I did 100 times. Anyway, years later I do some plumbing for Ann and her husband, Ann wants to pay me $100. "no way, keep your money, what are friends for?" "well well um um, well how about um you know... a blowjob?"
      Got me.

    • Let me fuck her pink puckered shitter!

    • More fake incest crap!

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