Camping changed us

I love to go camping and hiking and all the outdoor things. I used to go all the time until I got married and my wife who didn't like the outdoors. Over time I convinced her to try it and she finally admitted that it was relaxing. We started going to this secluded area in one of the state parks and out of the 40 or so times we went to this spot we never saw a single person, until this last trip.

My wife and I had planned a long weekend, 3 day excursion. On the second day around 4pm a green truck pulled up to the are and a ranger got out. He came up and asked us how things were, basically a little idle chitchat. Then he asked if we had a permit to camp. Honestly I had never in my life gotten a permit for camping so I didn't think about it. I told me didn't have one and asked if I could purchase one from him. He happily sold me a permit for $20 and then proceeded to tell me I had to pay an additional $200 fine for not having the permit. I didn't have that kind of money on me and asked if I could send in the money with the ticket. He told me I couldn't and that if I couldn't pay the fine I would be arrested. My wife and I both begged him for a different resolution. We both said we would do anything. That's when he said he would rip up the ticket if he could fuck my wife. At first I told him fuck no you can't have sex with my wife, but then he and my wife reminded me that would go to jail if not. Because my wife was ok with fucking him, I decided to give in. He took my wife into our tent and I sat outside listening to him fuck her. Clearly hearing the moans from my wife and the smacking of his pelvis against my wife's ass with each thrust. The unmistakable sounds of sloppy sex as he fucked her repeatedly for almost an hour. There was no doubt that my wife enjoyed herself when I heard her shouting "oh God, fuck" multiple times, sometimes she always does when she orgasms. Then hearing him grunt as he filled my wife with his cum.

A few minutes later he emerged from the tent, tore up the ticket and handed me pieces. He smiled and told me I had a nice wife before getting in his truck and leaving. My wife emerged naked with his cum running down her leg. She told me she had to go wash in the river. When she returned we never talked about it, but we did have sex that night. I don't know how, but the sex that night was the best sex we have ever had. Funny thing is, I'm not pissed at all. I'm wondering if this so called cuckold lifestyle is real. I have been researching it since we got back and I find myself horny as fucking hell. I'm not sure how people actually get this lifestyle going, but I talked to my wife and she admitted that she enjoyed herself, and is willing to try the lifestyle too. We're just not sure how to start.

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  • Want to talk about the cuck lifestyle from an experienced cuck? E mail me

  • I was a cop for 6 years before I changed professions to be closer to my new wife and baby. You would not believe the number of women who offered me sex and or a blowjob if I let them go. Most of them were nasty ass hoes, but there were a few times where I took the lady up on her offer. I stopped a woman one time who was on the school board, horrible driver. Had so many tickets she was looking at having her license pulled. She begged me to let her go with a warning. Probably is I had already stopped her on the same infraction 3 previous times and given her a warning. I told her I had no choice but to give her a ticket this time. She offered to fuck me if I let her go, then she followed me to a secluded area, got in my car and road me till I finished inside her. I let her go with just a verbal warning. Her husband was a bigshot at the bank in town.

  • This is my wife's fantasy, only she wants a bald, black park ranger. I'm in the woods and can't stop the event as I haven't gotten back to camp yet. I see it and start toward them but she see's me and waves me off, so I stay in the woods.

  • Wife went to her proffesional association get together/ booze party.
    She had a weak moment with an old boyfriend, had sex with him in his van.
    She came home a little tipsy and she the best when she's like that, and she still horny. I can tell right away I'm having sloppy seconds. I give her hell but we keep doing it. I though she would go crazy, I actually took a timeout to let her cool off some. Anyway it was a bitter sweet time. I forgave her, had her quit going to those parties.

  • Something about camping in the woods does bring certain sides out in people.Like me for instance.Now you can all debate whether this story is true or not.I'm a 28 year old married mum of 2.Some years back when I was 21 and just got engaged,I was invited to go camping with a friend and her boyfriend.My fiance was to busy working to come.The tent was quite big and spacious and it took 3 of us to put it up.I had a room to myself.We stayed up late drinking hot chocolate and wine and chatting and having a laugh.My friend was a bit sozzled and seemed like she was in the mood for sex.She kept grabbing her mans crotch.We said goodnights and went off to our rooms.My friend shouted that I could join them if I wanted,I just laughed.At first it was quiet but after 15 minutes I could her the unmistakeable sounds of sex.My friend was making huff puff sex sounds and the odd little moan.I looked out my zip hole and saw their silhouette light show.He was on top of her.The show and the thought that it must be so liberating to just fuck in the woods kinda turned me on,so I slid my hand down my pjs and began rubbing myself while I watched them.It went on for some time more and heard them both reach climax starting with her then him.I rubbed a bit more and got myself off.I listened to them talk and then I fell asleep.The following morning during breakfast they asked if i slept well and i said yes very as soon as they were done.We all laughed and my friend apologised saying she forgot they were in a tent but then reminding me that i could've joined them.

  • That evening after a day exploring we got back and after eating sat around and relaxed while drinking warmed up honey mead that we bought nearby.Eventually they went to their room and I stayed in the middle area.They began having fun and I just listened and rubbed myself.By the looks of things he was doing her doggy style.I moved closer to look through the gap and was immediately excited by the sexy sight I saw.My friend looked up while enjoying her mans cock,saw me and smiled and gestured for me to come in.I hesitated and thought about my fiance and what if anything happened.But I told myself I was just going to watch.I opened the zip and crawled through.Shutting it after me.I sat on the chair and watched as he gave her a damn good fucking.He smiled at me while she buried her face in the sleeping back.My fingers were busy down my open jeans.She then climaxed as he pounded her harder while holding her shoulders.The lovely sight of him thrusting into her made me get off hard.They both looked at me and smiled and then he emptied his balls in her.She turned around and began sucking her man who had gone a bit flaccid but still looked very big.She called me over and crawled over to them.I was kneeling upright and he looked down at my open crotch,my little bit of pubic hair could be seen.He looked up at me and ran fingers through my hair.Then pulled me closer for a kiss.I kissed him without resistance.Thinking there's no harm in kissing.As we made out over my friend munching on him I knew I was in an uncontrollable urge of horny lust and somehow knew that I was going to be fucked soon.My friend got up and asked if I wanted to suck him.I looked down and she had sucked him fully erect again.Impressive size at least 8 inches,I knew because my fiance was around the 6 mark.I couldn't believe what I was doing but down my head went and wrapped my lips around his swollen head.

  • As I fed inch after inch in and out into my mouth my friend behind me helped me out of my jeans and knickers.She pulled me up and they pulled off my top.Then she held my arms behind me as her man rubbed my pussy.It didn't take long for 2 of his fingers to easily slip up me.I was so horny I leaned forward and kissed him as he worked around my gspot in circles.My friend turned my face and we made out too.I reached for his cock and stroked it.He was so hard in my hand I knew he was itching to put it in me and fuck me but I think he could tell I wanted it too because he gently helped me on my back.My legs opened for him.My friend sat in the chair and with her legs on the arm rests began rubbing her clit.He leant over me and I felt his big head at my pussy lips.He slid it in me slowly while looking into my eyes.I gasped as it parted my walls and went up me.He pushed it all the way and I was surprised at how much I felt him in me even though I was very wet,size really does make a difference.He got closer to me and kissed me as he thrust in and out slowly.He kept his rhythm slow making sure that when he pulled out he pushed all of his dick back in me.He paid me alot of attention,kissing my lips,face and neck area.And sucking on my boobs and nipples.I was really loving the fuck and voiced my approval by letting out uncontrollable moans.His dick got me so wet that he was smashing that thing in me so easily now.My friend was loving watching and I heard her getting herself off.She came over and lay next to me.We made out side by side as her man fucked me to the biggest O I've ever had.He pushed my legs up against my sides and power fucked me to groan and shoot his load deep inside me.

  • He collapsed onto me and we all lay there for a little while.Afterwards we got up and got dressed and I said thank you for a great night.I went to my room and had to change my knickers as they were soaked.The rest of the long weekend was full of lots of sex.My friends bf said he had always wanted to fuck me and called me hot and said I was a great fuck.After we left they dropped me home and went to theirs.My fiance got in later and I'm glad I cleaned up myself.I was napping when he lay next to me.He kissed me and we chatted.Later that night I let him fuck me but still felt a bit sore.He commented on what he thought was a bug bite on my neck (which it wasn't) and my mind drifted to the dirty weekend of being fucked.Before feelings of guilt took over I was overcome by intense sexual pleasure and my fiance got me off pretty quickly.He whispered in my ear that I must've missed him.I kissed and hugged him.Little did he know and he doesn't to this day.

  • Camping didn't change you. Your admitting what a gullible pussy you are just opened the door for every shit pot swinging dick to fuck your wife while you sit on your hands weeping

  • My mom and grandma were pulled over by a cop for speeding and the cop demanded they pay him the fine right then or they both would go to jail. Unlike this story they didn't have sex with the cop, but they did have to money to pay him. So I have heard of this happening before.

  • Sounds to me like this ranger just wanted to fuck your wife. You should have called his bluff and told him to arrest you then.

  • This story is true because I'm the ranger and let me tell you,his wife's pussy was amazing.

  • Does your wife have a nice thick ass that feels good to hold and slap against?

  • Bullshit camping story.

  • I see people on here all the time that comment and say bullshit or liar or not true.. I have one question though. How do you know it is bullshit? Is there some clue or some evidence that you see that the rest of us do not? I'm just curious. How do you know?

  • First, there are always alternative ways to pay. Second, I doubt a ranger has the power of arrest. Third, even if they did, you wouldn't be arrested for failing to immediately pay a fine.

  • Yes, because every cop or ranger is soooo law abiding and trustworthy. Aren't they?

  • Well about 70% or more of the Posts are made up to excite the poster so when you call BS you have a real good chance of being correct

  • But you don't know if this story is one of those 30% that are true?
    Do you get excited telling someone their stories is bullshit?

  • I always was a jealouse boyfriend with girlfriends. Then i met my wife. She was cheating on her boyfriend with me. We'd have sex with our other, then have sex with each other an hour later. We sorta have an open marrage but rarely go all in. Love to watch her flert and dance with random guys at clubs. She agreed to have sex with a guy in the club parking lot but chicken out.

  • It’s better when you watch her getting fucked or even join in.
    One cock up the ass one in the mouth.
    One cock in pussy one in the ass 2 cocks in the pussy

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