My neighbor

I meet with the same guy each month and we watch porn together, masturbate and edge. We try and go as long as we can. Once that was over two hours of edging. No matter how long we edge - it is sharing such intense pleasure with another man and then sharing in a wonderful release. We both love it a lot.

1.3 years ago

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    • When I was 13-17 I had a good friend one day he asked me if I jacked off I said yes! So he asked me if I wanted to watch him jack off I said yes! We were in his bedroom he asked me to watch out for his mom. So he took off his shorts he was already hard he was cut like me he was about 6 inches hard he had cum in a couple of minutes I was getting hard just watching him jack off! So he said your turn I took off my shorts I was hard as a rock it took me about 3 minutes to cum! I shot my load all over my cut cock it felt awesome to cum in front of him! We would get together 2-3 times a week & jack off together! We would also give each other hand & BJs sometimes to! I would sleep over at his house in his basement we would 69 sometimes! We would cum in each other’s mouths we would swallow though we would spit out cum most of the time!
      We were not gay just two young teen boys experimenting with our body’s! We were exclusive to each other those were good times together!

    • I have a friend that we will get together a couple days a week. We like to watch porn and play with each other. Sometimes I cum first Sometimes he does. It's a different kind of high when two guys are together just enjoying one another. Most of the time we are sitting next to each other. Buy Sometimes when we are both really horny we will lay in the bed and put are cocks together and we both have are hands down there stroking. He likes to sit on top of me and jack are cocks together and we both cum all over me.

    • If you ever want a pretty boy to suck you both off, let me know.

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