Gave stranger BJ in the pool but married over 30 yrs

My friend moved back to our area after nearly 15 years and bought a house somewhat close to ours. We (hubby and I) went to a pool party there last week. We both drank a little too much. He fell asleep in a lounge chair just before midnight. At midnight, my friend (Sandy) said it was time for skinny dipping. I couldn't even shake my husband awake but I did go back to the pool and get in the deep end before I took my top off. I've gained a little weight lately which makes my breasts fuller but also my bottom which I'm not happy about. I kept looking for Sandy and her husband. I finally saw her with 2 men nearby and I thought at least one was her husband but then I saw him through the kitchen window and I was shocked that my friend was getting frisky with 2 men. I guess I wasn't paying attention but this stranger came up to the edge of the pool and asked if I was skinny dipping. I bobbed up a little so that he could see me topless and he dropped his trunks and sat on the edge where the ladder was. Sorry for the long story but one thing led to another (I let him lick my nipples) and then I just decided to go down on him. He's the first since college besides my husband. I didn't have sex but I did let him finish himself in my mouth. Now I'm feeling so guilty this week. I've had sex with my husband every night and given him a BJ every morning and we watch porn together (I love porn but he doesn't know what I like to watch) all the time. I don't know if I should tell him. Sandy knows. She was able to watch me I guess and she wants details. I know we'll be invited back and I'd love to go but I'm so confused. The guy's name is Gary if it matters.

2 months ago

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    • I've unexpectedly cheated on my husband before and I basically decided that I'd NEVER tell him or admit to any of it. I know it hurts my guilty conscience but it is way better than the humiliation of a divorce for it.

    • Those pool parties. Went to a no kids pool party 2 years ago. My hot gym goer wife (42) wore a little cheeky bikini, that looked a size small on purpose. Her D cups were stuffed into a C up top. She looked awesome, too awesome. First I'm seeing it. Not to be out done she take her top off after 2 B cup, mid 20's, take theirs off. They look like boys next to her. 3 beers in she's at the deep end hanging off a float, flirting with a young jock. I'm thinking she'll be horny as a whore when I get her home. They get too chummy and he's way too close to her. Just looking at each other. I'm at the shallow end. I put on a pair of goggles. Her bottom is on floor near the drain. She's naked, Jocko is fingering her. She has this oh fuck, stop, don't stop look. . Like on our first date. Don't want to make a big deal of it "hey stop fingering my wife" I don't say - so I just slowly make my way to the deep. Jocko dives for her bottom, and she slips it back on. 2 weeks later I tell her. She says he probably was going to fuck her, She was smitten, caught up in it all with 3 beers. Everyone would have known if they were fucking out there. "thanks, you save my reputation." She said she was trying to finish him with a handjob. --
      For penance I made her pick up litter in our neighborhood, wearing an orange top like it was court ordered. Beats yelling at her, calling her a whore. Even if I think that.
      She admit she fantasizes he's in our pool and I'm not home. She pull his suit off, and gives him some underwater head (like he did to her) and he fucks her. We reenact where I play the jocko. For extra effect she wears a blindfold.

    • Can Sandy be trusted not to gossip? If so give her the details. Confessions are good. If not, tell your husband before the whole town knows.

    • I'd be very wary of telling him, but you know him better than we do.

      What I would suggest is gauging his interest in watching you mess around with another guy. You might be surprised by how many men fantasize about watching their wives with other men, and after 30 years I can guarantee it's crossed his mind. Discuss fantasies with him; ones that have been satisfied, ones that you'd each like to do again, and ones that are still unfulfilled.

      He may not feel safe bringing up sharing you for fear of how you might react, but by having a two-way conversation you'll have a chance to broach the subject yourself. Frame it as "I'd love to put a show on for you with someone else."

      You may find it difficult to bring up the topic, but this is clearly something you want deeply, and you can't get what you want if you don't ask. Clear communication is key. Don't beat around the bush and expect him to pick up the hint. People don't do that in sensitive conversations.

      I hope that this becomes the beginning of a grand adventure for you both! It certainly was for me and my wife when we were in a similar situation. Oh, and definitely share your progress here!

    • You don’t have to tell him. You didn’t have sex with him.

    • Calm your titties bill clinton. She had a mouthful of cock and cum. The least she can do is let her husband pump and dump too

    • Umm you do have to tell him....

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