Worship the feet of the lady employer

I knew from an article on the net that there actually is a workplace were the managers make the employers kiss their feet , i would like to talk with them

1 month ago

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    • Joan, my bossy chubby flirty coworker, always convey she wanted sex with me.
      "Baby, I could teach you a few things." We're both married, I'm way better looking than her or her husband and 10 years younger.. Our unit has 50 in it, they make her boss.
      Going back to college I was fucking my married lady boss at the market. Some things never change. Joan springs for a room 2x a month -- we fuck during the day. The safest time for both of us. But what she really likes, when she's all stressed out, or before a presentation, she locks her door and has me lick her pussy.
      I'm such a whore and love it.
      You should see my all 5s evaluations and performance bonuses.
      She's working on setting up a fake out of town seminar where we fuck at a resort 3 days. Guess I'll have to go along, but I'd rather not be seen in any public with her. A suspicious girl coworkers says "how much is she paying you?" Referring to the mismatch.
      Boss fucker, long time

    • I would love to do this with my boss. She’s 51, a former TV reporter, and hot as hell. She flirts with me, but she flirts with all guys so it’s hard to tell if she’s really interested. Would love to lick her pussy. How can I make this happen? How did you get your boss to spread her legs for you?

    • Very interesting , see if you can incorporate foot worship :D

    • *make the employees

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