Married white male. I really like rainy days when I am able to be at home all by myself. As soon as the wife has gone to work I like to take a long hot shower then get out our toys turn on some porn and slip on a pair of her used panties and play with myself. Edge myself a few times then lube up and start sticking sex toys up my ass while I continue to jack off and bring myself right to the edge then stop a minute then start over again.
Once I get myself worked up really good I get out a couple of the suction cup fake cocks and stick them to the end of our bed then back up on one down on my hands and knees and take it slowly all the way up my ass then watch in the mirror while I fuck myself in the ass switching from one to the other jacking off.
Taking my time to work up a nice big load that I shoot in my wife`s panties then rub my cum all over my cock in her silk panties. With the dildo still deep in my ass I take the panties off and eat my cum out of her panties and then start all over later on and do it all over again.
I don`t know what it is about rainy days but it just makes me very horny and I love fucking my ass for hours in her panties and will do it in every rom of our house many times a day and wear different panties as the day goes by. We have quite a few toys so I have a lot to play with and I have even stuck her panties up my ass then pull them out slowly when I shoot my load.
Anal is also very enjoyable in the shower too. I like to stick a dildo to the wall of the shower and fuck my ass for a long time and use several different toys until I run out of hot water. I can go all day long then wash the laundry and clean all the toys then put them away before she gets home. This is my private little secret but I really want to share it with my wife and we buy a strap on but I am still thinking on how to tell her.

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  • Glad to hear that you aren't cheating, but seriously porn messes you up. First you watch it then you go to incest and gangbanging and then you think of having affairs and doing weird stuff you would've never done. Talk to your wife and just tell her. I would quit with the porn as it is cheating to lust over another person. As long as she is good with it, it could be something to spice up your relationship.

  • To response #1 That's why I use toys you asshole. I am not interested in the real thing. I play safe and in private. I don`t bother people like you do. Keep your fucked up comments to yourself dip shit!!!!!

  • Dude...why'd you bite this guys head off? He responded to your post in a positive and supportive reply and immediately you call him an asshole? All he did was warn you of a possible outcome to watching too much porn. I think you really need to reevaluate your reasons for doing the things that you do.

  • Hate to break it to you man, but you might be gay. Next thing you know, you'll be hanging out at the local truck stop, spreading your ass cheeks for Bareback Bubba and all his long haul buddies. After that, it's just a short ride to Aidsville and a slow painful death, on your way to the fiery bowels of Hell, because we all know that God hates Sodomites.

  • Such a stupid thing to say! It's too bad so many men are too repressed to explore and see what they are missing. Asshole!

  • Are you having a tantrum today? Calm down, Skippy!

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